Musings On The Explorer of Fire (Gaian Tarot)

I’ve been holding back a bit. I’ve been listening to the wrong tapes in my head. I need to burn out some negative thought patterns and start dancing with fire again.

So it’s been a while since I did a daily musing. Sorry ’bout that. I won a trip to the Final Four last week so my time was split between “OMG OMG OMG” and planning. Then the weekend itself was off the hook!

My Romeo and I flew to Indy on Friday morning to check into the Hilton. Then we spent the weekend going to games and parties and concerts. Of all the bands I saw, my favorite was the Steve Miller Band because they really connected with their audience. Also, they seemed to just enjoy the heck out of playing music with one another. I liked that. There’s a new SMB album in the works too so I”m very jazzed about that.

I’ve also been working on the workshop content. It’s going to be five weeks of exploring the Tarot. The class is already filling up so if you are interested, do not delay! I’d hate for you to miss this. The next workshop will be my month-long intensive for writers on the Hero’s Journey.

Speaking of exploring, today’s Gaian Tarot card is the Explorer of Fire. These are the Knights of this deck. This card is hard to look away from because of the amazing energy being generated.

A black woman is dancing through waves and arcs of flames. She wears a mask that embodies the flames she is dancing with. Her arms are back with her chest thrust forward.  She seems to be in a cave to me and the flames are shooting around her as if they have their own life. Perhaps she has just tossed a poi pot but you can’t see that.

The flames seems to stream off her hands and I get the feeling she has just done a massive arm movement from front to back to create this surge of fire energy. She is testing her strength. She is pushing her boundaries. She is living her life with utter complete consuming passion. Her breasts are not bound but wrapped in a soft orange cloth. Her lower half is wrapped in a red cloth with an orange and gold border. She embodies the fire she is exploring.  A salamander darts in and out of the frame of the card at the bottom left.

I feel energetic when looking at this card. I see a woman who knows that she has to push forward through things in order to see what else is out there. Nothing is going to hold her back as she explores the passion that life can bring.

I very much identify with this card right now. I’ve been holding back a bit. I’ve been listening to the wrong tapes in my head. I need to burn out some negative thought patterns and start dancing with fire again.

Book says: “I dare to be transformed by the flames of passion and creativity.”

Oh yeah. I’m down with that.

So what about you? What do you dare today? What do you need to burn up? What do you need to get passionate about? Talk to me, y’all!

3 thoughts on “Musings On The Explorer of Fire (Gaian Tarot)”

  1. Today I’m fired up about World Tarot Day – so much so that I finally set up a blog! I woke up and just couldn’t stop thinking about how I’ve been feeling about this, and then a blog coalesced. In part it’s also because I’ve been reading other blogs – like this one. And that has fired me up, too. So, thanks for that, and here’s a response, even if it is some time later. Loved your description of the woman dancing – it makes me think of passion. Then, when I looked at the card what struck me most was her mask. So, does my passion sometimes mask other things going on in my life? Almost certainly. Something for me to ponder…

    1. Oh Chloe! I love love love your thoughts on the reason she is wearing the mask. Great questions. I would actually use that question as the key point in a reading. Let me know if you do that. I’d love to hear the results.

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