American Idol Tarot (Season 9)

So last year, I decided to be more playful with my cards. One of the things I did was to do a reading on who would win last year’s American Idol. I pulled a card for all top ten finalists.  And no, this is not an April’s Fool joke although I do love those!

Kris Allen–We may have a dark horse here. The Ace of Swords is a sign of victory. It is about being mentally prepared for what is in front of you. If Kris can take on this challenge, I predict the final four at least.

Well, Kris did win so maybe I am on to something. LOL. You can read the full post here if you like. Although Matt Giraud got the Wheel of Fortune as well in that reading.

I have not looked at tonight’s broadcast and have stayed OFF the web in order to avoid hearing. I wanted to do the top ten just like I did last year.

In alphabetical order by last name:

Aaron Kelly gets the King of Cups. This is a secretive man who can be emotionally manipulative. There may be some gaps in Aaron’s emotional strength that cause him to fail. If he can tap into his emotions and bring them forth, he could be the King of Cups which would be a good thing. Just has to hold off that drama bone he may have. (UPDATE: Voted off)

Andrew Garcia gets the King of Coins. Nice to see him get this card because I really like the way he sounds. This says that while Andrew may not win, he will achieve success from his appearance on American Idol. The problem with the King of Coins is that he can be too stodgy and tends to play things a little too safe.(UPDATE:Voted off 4/14/2010)

Casey James gets the 2 of Wands. Wow. That makes me think that he is battling his own image of himself. He’s not sure who he is and that may defeat him. However, there could be good opportunity for him overseas should he choose to follow that star. 2 of Wands is a positive card but there is a wishy-washy aspect around it that makes me think he will not be the winner.(UPDATE: Voted off)

Crystal Bowersox gets the 8 of Wands. Now here is a card of fast movement and action. It can predict travel but also is about passion and energy. I have to admit that Crystal is one of my personal faves. I really wanted to see her get one of the aces but the 8 of Wands is a very powerful card for someone on a rising path.

Didi Benami gets the 10 of Coins. This is a completion of the suit so I think she may be one of the early outs. This card is about community and family so there may be a reason that she leaves such as needing to be with her family. I don’t see this as a winner card though. (UPDATE: Voted off 3/31)

Katie Stevens gets the Wheel of Fortune. Hmm, like I said last year, this card represents HUGE opportunity but Katie is going to have to reach for it. It won’t be easy. She is going to have to stretch. But I do think this bodes very well for this talented young lady.(Update: Voted off 4/14/2010)

Lee Dewyze gets the Death card. Gosh darn it. Before anyone gets their boxers in a bunch, this does NOT mean that Lee is going to die. It means that he is going to have to change and in some fairly significant ways. It won’t be easy and I actually do not think he will make it to the final four. I believe he will be an early out. Pout. Another fave! Then again, the rising from the ashes could mean he’ll be saved at least once.

Michael Lynche gets the Three of Hearts. Okay, I’m mad now. LOL I love me some Big Mike, y’all! He’s so talented and he is just this big bear of love. But this card indicates he will have to survive some backstabbing and treachery. Watch out, Big Mike! (Updated: Big Mike Lynche was this season’s one save when he was voted out on April 7th. Can he hang in there? Are people really out to get the big man?)(UPDATE: Voted off)

Siobhan Magnus gets the Ace of Cups. A lovely card for this reading because this indicates she will renew her love for what she does. I think this definitely says she will be in the top six at the very least.(UPDATE: Voted off)

Tim Urban gets the Knight of Cups. Interesting to see three of the four Cups court cards. Tim has such talent. This card is the Sir Galahad card so if he can continue to seek his Holy Grail, he has a good chance. Unfortunately I’m getting a negative vibe from this card telling me that he may fall into the party boat a little too often. That will not help him win.(Updated: Tim was voted off 4/21.)

So my final four based on this are Siobhan Magnus (Ace of Cups), Crystal Bowersox, Katie Stevens and Andrew Garcia. Yeah, I know. Three women in the final four. Not gonna happen, Arwen. (Update: Well my top four is down to two now.)

So do you watch AI? Who are you rooting for? I’ll try to update this post each week with who is voted out.

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6 thoughts on “American Idol Tarot (Season 9)”

  1. I hope you’re wrong about Lee. He’s one of my faves. I like Casey a lot, and one of the reasons is because he seems to know where he fits and he sticks to it. I think he’ll be a hit in country music, though I don’t think he’ll win.

    Siobahn is a great singer and might win, but my favorite is Crystal.

    1. I really like his sound. I’m fond of most of the contestants this year. I guess one of the younger boys would be my least fave. I’m surprised as to how much I like Casey though! He’s my Jason M. hee

  2. Simon said the girls would take it this year, but I usually pick who I think is gonna win out of the top 24 group and this year I chose Lee Dewyze. I think he has great talent, love his voice and think he is just gorgeous- but seeing him perform since the top 24, I see that he has some self-confidence issues. But my money stays on Lee…

    1. I really want them all to win. I’m so wishy-washy! I hope that Lee’s card means he is booted and brought back. If he is and can rise from those ashes, he might surprise us all. Regardless, I look forward to hearing him on the radio one day.

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