Musings on Justice (Gaian Tarot)

Today’s card is a repeat of the Ace of Fire. I discussed this card here. So I am going to pull another card. I will use the Ace of Fire as my personal card and this next one as the modifier. I will often pull another card to see what modifies the energies of a card. Modifiers can enhance or subtract from the energy.

That modifier is Justice, the eleven card of the Major Arcana. This is a very unusual Justice card in that you do not see the scales at first. There is no blindfold or sword in hand. This is also a masculine Justice. In one of Joanna’s amazing Gaian Tarot videos (see those on her blog), she discusses how she intentionally did some gender bending on cards that were traditionally male or traditionally female.

Our Justice glows. He is a man of seemingly mixed race. If I had to guess, I would say he is African-American and Asian (Korean comes to mind when I look at him.) His aura shimmers around him in a soft golden light. He is dressed in a deep orangey-red tank and loose pants. His bare feet hover just above the water beneath him. His arms form the scale that I thought was missing. He is the Balancer. In his right hand, he holds a heart that has flames at the top. It makes me think of the sacred heart of Jesus. In his left hand, a feather dances just above his palm.

One of my favorite ideas of Justice is that of Ma’at, Truthbringer. She is an Egyptian Goddess who weighs the heart of man against a red feather. If your heart is lighter than that feather, you get to cross into the good afterworld. Too heavy? Oops. So for me, I see Ma’at in this Justice of the Gaian Tarot.

The background is rich iwth animals. I see a tern, a sea turtle, a beaver, a wolf, an otter, a sandhill crane, a cougar, a barred owl. The landscape has flowers and greenery in the front by the water but as your eye travels back over the rapids behind Justice, the land is a bit more demanding. Rocky even. It is as if Justice wants to see what you will do. Can you pass this test?

For me, I know what this test is. It is one of finances. I’ve bungled my personal checking account this month. It’s something I haven’t done in a while because I’ve been working on that area of personal responsibility. I didn’t pay attention so I got myself in a bind. But I’m owning this. Part of my owning that is to offer up a sale on my Tarot readings. I have the ability to make money so I need to do that.

If you were thinking about a reading, don’t pass this up. You can choose any reading over $30 and take $10 off. And you don’t have to have the reading right away. You can buy now and schedule it within the next three months. If you want to take advantage of this, email me with what reading you want. I’ll send you an invoice from PayPal. Yes, you can get more than one reading on this special offer. In fact, you can get up to five which means you can save up to $50. If you do buy more than three, I’ll extend that schedule out to six months as well. Yes, you can buy these as gifts for others.

So what does the book say? “I strive to be fair and just in my dealings with others.” And a note about the animals…all of the creatures portrayed in this card are endangered species.

And here is that finished (I think…grin) poem from yesterday.


Laughing, he took her picture,
Capturing that moment–perfect.
Love emblazoned on her lips.
Eyes crinkled in delight.
Honey hair floated
As she paparazzi’s him.
“No pictures please,”
Says that beringed hand.
Laughing, he took her picture.
I had love once like that.

Stephanie Arwen Lynch

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