Musings on Elder of Earth (Gaian Tarot)

Elder of Earth comes spinning out of the Gaian Tarot for me today. I started today out with breakfast with Romeo and my Thursday husband which just makes it an excellent day right out of the gate. I also got to talk to a new friend on the phone right before that. Two friends are on their way from Omaha, NE to come see if they want to live in Austin.

Of course they do. Austin is the best town in the world.

This Elder (King) of Earth is a beautiful gray-haired woman working wool into a spinning wheel. She is creating yarn. The wheel takes up the whole foreground here. It’s beautiful with its honeyed tones. I have a love for spinning even though I’ve never done anything more than played around with a drop spindle. For me, the creative act of making things with your hands is so ultimately nurturing for me as well as others.

Our Elder of Earth stands with a smile as she watches the wool gather on the top spindle where it will be pulled through and twisted into yarn. A basket of dyed yarn rests near her. In the background there is a wheelbarrow under a tree. That tree has no fruit but the one on the other side of the card still has apples to gather. A doe watches from the background of the tree that has already been harvested. Sunflowers are just behind her. Our Elder is dressed in a skirt and blouse with a softly woven wrap. All the colors of fall are in this card. It’s lovely.

I think of the yarn the most when I look at this card. How it was on a sheep then shaved off. Then combed and carded into rovings. Perhaps it was washed once already–maybe not. Then it must be transformed by pulling and twisting into something usable. The Elder is the hand that does this. Her eye is the watchful eye of someone who nurtures by showing the way and guiding when necessary.

Perhaps I am the Elder in this card. Maybe I am the finished yarn. Sometimes I am the wool that needs to be twisted and stretched until I find my true purpose in life. Until I can be useful in more ways.

The book says: “The Elder of Earth is deeply content within, and at peace with her place in the world.”

Smile, I’m getting there. I’m definitely getting there.

Today on my way home from breakfast, I passed a trailer eatery. Those are everywhere here in ATX. They mark the land as if to say the pioneer spirit still lives in this part of Texas. I noticed an older woman with graying blond hair. Her head was turned as she laughed at her companion. He held a camera up as he framed the perfect shot of her in the sunlight. It gave me the first line of a poem.

Laughing, he took your picture

I have more of that in my head. I’ll share it here when I’m finished. If it makes you want to write, please do.

I am so enjoying my journey into the Gaian Tarot. It seems to be opening me up to notice my surroundings more. I hope you are enjoying it as well. Let me know, won’t you?

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