Musings on the 10 of Earth (Gaian Tarot)

Today I explore the Earth suit more, share a poem, talk about amazing art and tell you how to get a free reading from me on Sunday.

Oh the 10 of Earth is a card I remember reading about on Joanna’s journal. she used an image of her father who is no longer alive. Here we see a stout man (not fat but not thin) leaning on a staff as he walks away from the viewer. He is about 2/3 of the way down the path. He is in a shadowed area but moving towards the light(Light). In the foreground are lichens and ferns. They cover a stump where a tree used to reign over that part of the forest.

This is a completion card. Tens are numerically a stopping/starting point. 0 is the same which is the number of the Fool. This is the Earth journey that we started at the Ace of Earth with the fawn tucked into the grass. Now we have the primal creative force of Nature reclaiming and reusing things. This card is dark but not gloomy. The greens are not the bright springtime greens. They are the greens that you have to peer at twice in the shadows to be certain of their shade. Here and there are the sun breaks through but this is not the sun’s place. This is the deep, Elder forest where you know Nature has made her mark. We are just there to observe and realize how far we’ve come.

DING. How far I’ve come is the message in this card for me. I’ve been so lost in my life that I thought I might never get back to the path of being me. I’ve strayed off trying to walk other’s paths with them/for them. My sister gave me the single most useful phrase of my life.

“You can only control what is in your hula hoop.”

The 10 of Earth is my reminder that I am walking my path. I am controlling my hula hoop and only my hula hoop. This is a call to get even deeper back into the path that is mine. I’m seeing a theme this week. How ’bout you?

Book says: “In what ways does your work support and sustain others.”

So my interp is far more personal as it affects/effects me. But I do think my work on myself supports and sustains me and allows others to not have to support and sustain me. 😉

Here’s a poem from late last night. I did not start with nine words. I read a poem in the most recent issue of that used this phrase “quicksand slows.” I saw a word play in there that would not leave me alone until I wrote it down. I have a few piece in this issue of Mused and so does my friend, L.J. Ashton Christie, who is the most amazing photographer. The photo used was taken on one of our trips around Austin. Ash and I go driving around. I talk and crochet while he takes pictures. I’d love it if you left Ash a comment on the “Wildflowers” photo.


quicksand slows
My world blurs
As I must repeat
My trite refrain
quicksand slows
As if you did not
Know this one thing
Holding rabbit still
Can sometimes free you
Foxes know this trick
Flick the tail
Ignore the bunny
When it gets stupid,
Moves. Runs. Feints left.
My world blurs
into this routine
Quicks and slows.

Stephanie Arwen Lynch

In other news, Cai and I are working with Lisa Hunt on a new logo for Marilu Mann. Lisa is an amazing artist. We are really blessed that she is branching out these days doing this sort of thing. Can’t wait to show off the new look.

Last, please mark your calendars for this Sunday. I’ll be on Tarot Today which is one of the happening Tarot radio shows out there. This is BlogTalk Radio which means you can listen from your computer. If you listen live, I will be doing free readings for callers. I hope to see you in the chat room while you listen to me chat about the American Tarot Association, my writing, the Tarot Meetup and more! That’s this Sunday at 1pm EST (12 CST, 11 MST, 10 PST, 9 Alaska).

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