Musings on Explorer of Earth (Gaian Tarot)

Today’s card is one of the Court cards. I really like Joanna’s system of Child, Explorer, Guardian and Elder. They are not gender specific in terms of all women or all men. They are mixed.

Here we see a woman kneeling on the ground. She has her hands in the loam of the forest’s floor. Her head is up and she is looking off to the left of the card. Her face seems a bit pouty as if she is being called away from what she wants to do. A stag glimmers in the background. I say glimmers because he is a silvery glowing stag. Very much evoking the idea of a deer spirit. A more solid badger is just out of the main frame on the bottom left. I love the way Joanna’s cards don’t stay contained in the frame. I have a personal preference towards framed cards by the way.

This card is set in the deep woods. These are old trees and the forest floor is thick and green. I think our Earth Explorer has dedicated herself to learning more about what she truly loves. Her discontent that I perceive on her face mirrors my own. I would rather be outside today learning about my area than going to work.

Book says: Affirmation “I live within the bounty of Nature.”

Hmmmm, I think I need to realize that without my day job, I would not have the ability to do that as well.

In other news, I’ve been neglecting my crocheting something fierce. I must pick it back up soon. I have fifteen skeins of sari yarn that I have a plan for. But I have to finish my swapghan squares and get them mailed off first.

I have not been neglecting my writing. I worked on a story the other day and it keeps bugging me to get back to it. Cai and I have two stories with a lot of words but no oomph from either of us. I think I will make myself write on the “oomphless” story before I allow myself to play in the one that is calling.

I wrote a poem today as well using these nine words. “pimp, anchor, confront, skillet, chamber, spar, episode, style, & hurdle” I don’t think it is all that really. There are pieces I like. Some of the word plays appeal to me. This is like a quilter’s scrap pile. Might throw this piece in to see if I can unpick it later and use what I like.

Don’t think you can anchor me
Throw me some pimp’s line
About style, sass, and sex.

I won’t confront this moment
Acknowledge it with spit or tears
Just another moment to hurdle.

Like some late-night episode
Of a redhead and a latino
We spar then kiss then fuck.

My mad skillet skills will fry
Your asinine meanderings
So get out of my kitchen.

This chamber and that one too
Are definitely closed for repairs.
I need to cut these ties.

Stephanie Arwen Lynch

2 thoughts on “Musings on Explorer of Earth (Gaian Tarot)”

  1. wow, you have so much going on in your life. this card is calling you to get back in touch with your earthiness, perhaps. i can see where all the mundane activities can be so annoying, esp when you want to get back to the source of your joy. really interesting reading tonight. i very much relate to it. thanks, t

  2. I do have a ton of stuff going on but never think it’s that much than someone else’s. My writing partner is a single mom so she wins in the “a lot going on” category every time. It’s a wonder either of us find time to write.

    I love that you comment and interact. Thank you!

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