Musings on the Two of Water (Gaian Tarot)

It’s an emotional choice day for me. I laughed a bit when I pulled today’s Gaian Tarot card. My horoscope made mention of some emotional choices as well. And I’ve been struggling with my own ability to process and feel emotions again.

I’ve been single for a long time now–just over four years. My last relationship was a hot mess due to a promise made then shattered for selfish reasons. The ending was ugly–one of those long, bitter, drawn-out affairs that include lots of shouting combined with sex. Yes, I had sex with my ex even though she was ostensibly with someone else who did not know this fact.

Now that I am in a relationship again, I find myself questioning my motives at ever turn. Did I say or do the wrong thing? I have to stop that. I am a sabateur of my own heart otherwise. Luckily my Romeo seems to have the patience of Job. Still, I need to knock it off sooner rather than later.

Oh? So what was today’s card? It was the Two of Cups. A silver-haired woman laughs as her big white dog jumps on her. He is resting his paws on her shoulder. From her head-back laughing position and his nose reaching for her chin, I have to think he is going for one more lick. The background shows greenery with a gorgeous waterfall in the middle.

For me, this is about enjoying the moment. Really allowing yourself to feel the sun on your cheeks, the soft fur in your hands. Not worrying about the next step. Not worrying about what wet dog will smell like on the ride home. Just jumping in the water and going for it.

That waterfall for me symbolizes passion unchecked. I have to admit that scares me a bit. It’s out of control. No one can direct it. It just plunges over the cliff and goes for it.

Go for it. This card for me is a message about emotionally going for it. Now let’s see what Joanna Powell Colbert has to say.

“This connection brings healing and joy.”
“My heart is fill and open, as I recognize the Divine in my beloved.”

Whoa. I think I got this card pretty well. What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “Musings on the Two of Water (Gaian Tarot)”

  1. I don’t know the card Arwen but I can imagine it from your description and it has brought a smile to my face.

    One thought did occur to me though and that is from your description the woman and dog seem to be embracing each other. I wonder if it is saying that one needs to harmonise those conflicting emotions (dog being animal, baser instincts – woman being higher instincts) so that they work together rather than against each other and then emotional happiness can be achieved.

    Wadda you think? 😀
    .-= Helen´s last blog ..Oracle Card =-.

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