Musings on the Two Of Fire (Gaian Tarot)

OOH LALA! Today is a 2 of Fire day.Interesting to get a Fire card after yesterday. I felt like dog poop most of the day.  Then my back decided to flare up as well. Great! I was thinking about doing a free hooping class tomorrow. Guess that’s out. WHINE!

In most Tarot decks, the twos are about choices. In the Gaian Tarot, this seems to hold true as well. Here are two things–pick one. Fire is about passion and energy. That old saw “play with fire and you could get burned” is very true in most Tarot readings with this card. Most decks assign Wands to Fire. This card has two people holding flaming sticks.

A man and a woman gaze into each other’s eyes. They are passing fiery batons to one another. Both of them wear head wraps. She is slightly back while he presses forward. There is an atmosphere here of passion that challenges. It is between these two and they do not see anyone else. His gaze is softer–more inviting her in. Hers is a sassy challenge for him to come and get what he wants/needs. There is no doubt in my mind that these two are going to end up in bed together.

It’s a brilliantly done Two of Fire. It evokes power struggles through passion as well as the push/pull of a new sexual relationship where we are learning about our power. For me, this is about learning about passion and how to express it. I am in a very new relationship (just a month old really). We are still doing this passion two-step where we aren’t sure what the other one wants/needs but we want to give it to them. So sometimes we stumble a bit and other times we are rock solid in this new dance.

The color in this card is flame. The background is black which makes me think of charred wood already used up. He and she are both golden in their skin tone with red and orange and brown clothing. Both of them are muscular–dancer-types.

The book says: “It’s time to choose. Will you follow through on this attraction or not?”

Grin. Yes, yes I think I will, thanks.

To see this deck, go here.

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