Musings on Elder of Air (Gaian Tarot)

Last night I did my first reading for a client with the Gaian Tarot. The spread I used as my Chakra spread which tends to be a “low-blow, dirty deeds” kind of spread. By that I mean it doesn’t hold back from what it thinks you need to know. The Universe tends to send really clear messages. Last night’s reading kept hammering one particularly painful spot for my client. They knew EXACTLY what the message was and were surprised by it. Their feelings had been geared towards another area of their life. Once the spread and cards kept hitting the same subject, they were able to see how that subject was actually the issue for their other problem.

Today I pulled the Elder of Air. I am home ill today so I was doing some Oms as I shuffled to focus myself a bit more. When I am sick, I don’t like to do readings. In fact, I won’t do them for others. Luckily this hit me after my reading last night. So there I am, omming my little lungs out. And what card do I draw?

The Elder of Air. An old dude tootling on a flute. Okay okay…so the Universe may be giggling at me with this one.

This gentleman doesn’t face out. He’s not looking at me. He’s intent on the music he is creating on his flute or recorder. It looks like a recorder and is held like one. He is dressed in simple clothes–well-worn jeans, a green sweater and a golden vest that has texture to is as if it is homespun rough. His hands are weathered as his face. His head is going bald but the hair that is there falls long and white to the middle of his back. He has no facial hair. He actually reminds me of my maternal grandfather just a bit. The background is mostly blue sky and white clouds. There is a small swath of dark blue that might be water or land but is insignificant to the air. If you force yourself, you can see a landscape in the far background just under the clouds. Another creature of green and gold flies off to the top right corner. That is the Luna moth.

I happen to really love Luna moths. I’ve seen a few in person and they are always a cause for “grab the camera and come quick” announcements. My mother was the same way about them. I suspect it is a love for the unique creature. In this card, I think the Luna moth is heading off to let others know about the flutist’s song. Or he has created her from his magical tunings.

This card reminds me to focus on doing what I love. That to truly get good at what I do, I must be in the moment when I’m doing it. Sometimes I spend a lot of time wondering about the next thing I need to accomplish. Even in writing this, I am looking up to see if my lover has arrived yet to bring me some “sickie” supplies. I am mentally listing all the things I need to do if I am going to be a slug and not go to work. As if being sick isn’t enough, I want to make sure I write, work on my Meetup group and do my workshop homework responses.

But that takes away from this specific thing that I am doing. This writing of this post. And I really enjoy writing these. I love the discourse that sometimes occurs on my posts. I do this for me as much as for anyone else. It is a way to release some mental creativity.

The affirmation for this card is “I am a song of healing and peace for the world.” Joanna says this card is about a life well-lived.

What do you think when you see this Elder of Air? To see the card, go to Joanna’s site.

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  1. Arwen, I sure hope you feel better soon. Hope its not your gall bladder. i have to watch that myself. My sister recently had hers removed – and she feels lightyears betta. Anyways, this was an interesting card. I’ve never seen a luna moth. And it was a wonderful, perfect card for you to get today! t

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