Character Reading: Threemie Madison

Please welcome JL Wilson to Musings On The Tarot. JL is a personal friend of mine whom I’ve known for several years. She writes several series–one of them being mystery romance with a touch of gray. In other words, her characters are not all leggy, blonde twenty-somethings.  JL also likes to kill people. No really! I’ve had long discussions with her about how to off someone with a buffet item (you’ll have to read Sun, Surf, and Sandy Strangulation to know what I’m talking about.) Her forte lies in the fact that she doesn’t think you have to be young to have sex.

With a background in Information Theory, English Literature and Horticulture what else could she do but write? And write she does! With thirteen books out, JL has contracts on six other and still more interest in other work. She’s a true Midwestern gal who actually likes the winters. You can read her bio to learn more about her. Homicide, Hostages, and Hot Rod Restoration from The Wild Rose Press features Mary Margaret Madison who goes by “Threemie”, a 40-something woman who gets into a little trouble by witnessing something. Now, as with my other readings, I have not read Threemie’s story. JL is offering a cool prize so check the end of the reading to see how you can win. But first, let’s check in on Threemie to see how she took this reading.

1. How do you see the people around you?

This is the card of someone who is fairly content with how you see others. They seem to be all doing well. It is as if you have been in charge of making sure everyone else is taken care of.

There is a cat here (do you have a cat, Threemie?) who you seem to be holding back a bit. I think this represents something in you that you are withholding. Maybe there is an urge to travel or see something from another view. It’s not that you aren’t happy where you are, it’s just that you wonder if there’s more.

This is the card of someone who knows how to nurture and watch things (and people) grow.

Threemie’s Response:

How did you know about Major Muffin, my cat? He and Sgt. Snuggles, his companion, somewhat rule my roost. No way could I hold them back! And of course there’s Bill’s cat, Mr. Magoo — I’m pretty sure he rules at Bill’s house, too.

I like the garden on this card. I can’t wait until it is summertime again and I can start gardening. It’s the dead-end of winter now, and I’m just so tired of snow. Maybe that’s why I was so impulsive that night. Maybe I just wanted a change in my life!

I don’t know, I think I’m just being cautious, I don’t think I’m withholding anything. I mean, I met this guy outside a bar — should I trust him?

2. How are you seen by the people around you?

Others see you as the waiter as well. How interesting. This is the card of anticipation and waiting for something to happen. Others see you as someone with a vivid imagination. You are a bit of an optimist in their eyes (and not always a good thing according to them, I think.)

They see you as someone who speculates on the future too much. Maybe they want you to be a little more present in the here and now?

Threemie’s Response:

Have you been talking to Steven and my other co-workers? They’ve been warning me about what might happen if I let Bill get too close to me. I mean, after all, I hardly know the guy. Kate wants me to have a background check run on him but that’s a bit extreme, isn’t it?

Then there was that guy I met at the hospital. He claimed Bill had a … bad past. Should I trust a stranger or the guy I met, the nice, sweet, gentle guy?

There’s no easy way to decide, is there?

3. What is your most important goal?

There is some struggle going on that you want to neutralize. You may have witnessed a fight or an argument that has upset you. Whatever this is, you need to resolve it.

It may be that you simply prefer peace over strife. But I think you’ve more invested in this struggle. Someone you care about seems to be at the heart of this fight.

And it isn’t so much a fight as it is a comparing of experiences and ability. More like a political battle rather than an actual hand-to-hand fight.

Threemie’s Response:

Okay, now this is getting weird — how did you know I almost witnessed a murder? And in this case, it was a hand-to-hand fight. I heard those voices arguing, and later an undercover cop was found dead. And it looks like I might have actually seen the murderer. Believe me, I definitely prefer peace over strife, but it looks like I’m going to be tugged right into this one!

The thing that really worries me is that I may get Bill involved in this as well. He’s trying to help me and he might be hurt in the process. I just can’t let that happen!

4. Where do you get your strength from?

Threemie, you are a person who wants to help others. If someone is hurt, you know how dig down deep within yourself (even when you are hurting too) and help them heal.

Your strength is not the first batter of the lineup, but rather the clean-up gal who bats fourth. You are a supporter of humanity as a whole.

This may wear you out. 🙂

Threemie’s Response:

I get my strength from my friends, so it’s only fair that I give some of it back when they need it. Of course, it’s hard sometimes. There are times when I’d really rather not be the one everybody relies on to ‘do the right thing’, the one that people come to when they need propping up. But then I just remember the times they helped me, and I know I’ve got to do it. I think it’s really important to Do The Right Thing…right?

5. Why do you want to be remembered?

Oh the Page of Pentacles is a great card! This is the natural progression from that 9 of Pentacles we started with. This is your need to be in a safe place where you can just take care of your own.

This can indicate a desire to be a business owner with a good cash flow. It can be the gardener who knows her crops will come in each and ever season. And, grin, that goat there? That represents S-E-X, baby.

You want to be remembered as the woman who bloomed. The one whose life finally mirrored her childhood dreams of the white picket fence (or whatever your version of that was.

Threemie’s Response:

Well, BLUSH. I had given up the idea of a Happily Ever After — until I met Bill. He’s got me thinking all kinds of great thoughts (if we can get away from the crazy guy who’s after me and the crazy guy who’s after him).

And there was that detective on the case, Marcus Sloan. He and I had a connection, too. Oh, it wasn’t anything tangible, not like Bill, but I thought he might be an interesting man to get to know.

Isn’t it funny how an impulsive act like kissing a stranger on St. Pat’s Day can lead to all kinds of interesting outcomes?

So if you want to win an autographed copy of Homicide, Hostages, and Hot Rod Restoration, please read the excerpt here. Then ask JL (or Threemie!) a question about it or leave a meaningful comment that discusses something in the excerpt. You get an entry for that. If you Tiwtter this link (link here) or post it to any other Social Networking site, leave a link in a comment and that will count as an extra entry. Please note you do have to leave a comment or question about the excerpt as well. Winner must be in the US.

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7 thoughts on “Character Reading: Threemie Madison”

  1. That was very interesting. I never thought of doing a tarot reading for a character.

    I have some beautiful tarot cards, but just look at one a day to get me started. It’s amazing how much wisdom comes just from that activity.

  2. I’ve got 3 or 4 different Tarot decks, and depending on mood, I use one or the other. Like you, Donna, I look at one a day just to see how my day might be going (or not going, as it were!)

  3. Arwen, you do amazing readings. The card progression was enlightening for this character (and the author). Very interesting. JL, all the best for a successful book. t

  4. Isn’t it interesting, Nancy? Arwen really hit the nail on the head with this reading. And Threemie certainly had fun answering the questions ::wink::

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