Jezebel and the Queen of Cups

Today, I’m in a reversed Queen of Cups mood. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am feeling creative, but a little (okay a lot) naughty. You could say I’m really identifying with that wicked Jezebel as played by the gorgeous Bette Davis.

I started a thread years ago on a site. This thread is called 9Words: A Poetry Challenge. I am still doing this albeit on another site now.

The game is that someone (anyone) lists nine words. Just nine words…no rhyme or reason necessary. Then those who are playing take the words and make a poem out of them.

For me, this plays strongly into my Queen of Cups self.ย  This card is about an emotional woman who can be a bit manipulative. When reversed, she can be out-of-control emotionally. She knows your buttons really well. Pushing them amuses her sometimes so she just does it. I can be that darker side of the Water Woman. I acknowledge her in my life. One way I give her a bit of freedom is in written word.

So I was playing with her and some words from my thread. The first piece twisted into a second one. I wanted to share this progression of a poem. Here is what sometimes (okay, often) happens to me. I’ll take the nine words and start writing. One word or something will catch in my mind. This time it was the first phrase of the first piece. Then the last phrase of the first piece led me into the second poem.

They aren’t related–are they?

Here they are. WARNING: Naughty word ahead!

Throw Down Quick Delight Beg Carry Out Items Style

Juliet #1

C’mon Romeo, throw it down Galahad-style.
Show me some old-fashioned pursuit.
Be quick with your delights of me.
Make me beg for more hot licks of moan.
Your music sizzless through me.
And I am lit up with lust like Juliet
Hanging her items from that balcony
Street-corner tramp in a tiara.

Stephanie Arwen Lynch


So I really loved that last line. I like alliteration. I like the pulse a phrase can have.ย  I liked it so much, it demanded to be another poem. I used the same nine words.

Juliet #2

Street-corner tramp wearing a tiara,
She’s just some Juliet sans balcony.
If you throw down some Galahad trash,
She might let you sample her delight.
Then again, that trashy no beauty queen
Could wring Romeo dry. Make him beg.
Her style–a quick hard fuck–Wham. Bam.
Pay the lady for the items and leave.
She’s definitely cash and carry out.

Stephanie Arwen Lynch

What do you think?ย  Want to play along? Grab the nine words and create something of yours. Make it dark. Make it funny. Make it rhyme (I can’t). Make it yours. I invite you to share it here with us!

5 thoughts on “Jezebel and the Queen of Cups”

  1. arwen, the first two lines of the first poem are fabulous! should be in a hit song! i’ll work on a poem
    but with those nine words i could only channel take out and fortune cookies! haha t

  2. Well, nothing to do with tarot, and a little bleak, but here goes:

    Beg for mercy, beg for money,
    Beg for love, beg for me honey.
    I’m out on the loose,
    I don’t think it’s funny,
    I’m feeling real down,
    Not glad, not sunny.
    I’ve been thrown away,
    Tossed aside
    Out of style,
    out of pride.
    Items on my list to do
    Who’ll carry them out, not me, not you.
    In this world so full of quick delight
    Why is it everything feels like night?

  3. Had to laugh at this because I related so much to your post. The Queen of Cups, particularly reversed, it the part of me that yells, stomps and cries, “I want it now”.

    Will give the game a try:)

    Best to you,


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