The Wind’s Blowin’, Y’all

In the quiet rain
Cleansing grief preparing ground
Finally my spring

Stephanie Arwen Lynch 2/2/2010

Like that haiku says, I’ve been preparing ground. I’ve come to a decision, y’all. I’ve all but abandoned my Livejournal. I still like to write about other things in my life–like food, poetry, crafts, health, random thoughts. I’ve filtered only (well, okay, mostly) Tarot stuff here because this is my business page.

But I’m making a conscious choice. I want my business to be more about my life and my life more about my business. I’m energy-depleted by holding back one from the other. I need to integrate more aspects of me. On my Facebook this happened rather organically. I didn’t deny friendships with folks because I was afraid they would learn I was queer or pagan or fat or a crocheter or a tarot consultant. Because of that decision (more like a whiny self who just didn’t want to reject anyone), I now have a Facebook group that includes high school almuni, old boyfriends, ex-lovers,cousins, 2nd cousins, cousins kids, assorted relatives, writers, fans, clients, tarot consultants, witches, fundamentalist Christians, atheists, knitters, crocheters, cat-haters, cat-lovers–you name it. I’ve probably got one in my group. And I’m always open for more, so there!

But this open acceptance made Facebook so easy. I don’t have to filter. I don’t have to choose which piece of me to present. I really find that transparency addictive.

So this is your two-minute warning that this blog is about to change. In honor of Brighid, whose day we celebrate, I am going to bring in all of my faces. You will find posts about crochet or lifestyle changes or just random Arwen musings. I will still post Tarot stuff a lot. I don’t doubt that I’ll find a way to weave Tarot into most of it is I wanted to. 🙂 My hope is that you will find this blog pretty much the same just more. HA! One of the things I know I will post here more will be poetry. I love to write. It is not always about the Tarot.

Similarly, I am not always about Tarot. So batten down the hatches, boys and girls, I sense a change in the weather. Hope you enjoy it!

4 thoughts on “The Wind’s Blowin’, Y’all”

  1. Arwen we love to read whatever you write! It doesn’t have to be “just about tarot” (although the tarot stuff is most excellent). Be you – that’s all that matters!

    Now go awn wid yo bad self and rock on, shug!

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