Character Reading: Pearl Parkin

Meet author Gail Dayton. Gail has been many things to many people including wife, mom and grandmom. Her jobs ranged from junior college history instructor, to newspaper editorial staff, to paralegal for a rural prosecutor. She’s a fascinating Texan woman who I have had the pleasure of meeting in person. Her fantasy world is rich and varied–just like her! And don’t miss the giveaway at the end of this post!

Miss Pearl Parkin, born April 29, 1843, is the heroine of Gail Dayton’s latest, Heart’s Blood. You can learn a bit more about her in her responses to my reading for her.

Heart’s Blood is the second in a fascinating new series by Gail Dayton. I thoroughly enjoyed New Blood and have been looking forward to the release of the second. Gail has created a world of magic set in a Victorian world that combines elements of steampunk machinery as well. It’s the perfect blend. It’s available now.

Now on to the reading and giveaway!

1. How do you see the people around you?

People around you seem to be the ones having the adventures. Their lives are full of passion and excitement. I think maybe you compare yourself to them and find your life lacking.

There is an excitement buried in you, Pearl. You seem to be on fire with this idea of traveling and going like others do. You see them as free but yourself as trapped.

You also may see yourself as too old to have fun any more.

Pearl’s Response:

I’ve been too busy with survival to have fun. Fun is for those with money, with security. Um…Yes. I Have been trapped. Trapped in the East End with no money and having to hide who and what I am. But I have all this magic inside me I need to do something with… Which is why I’m so glad I found Mr. Carteret and could-erm-convince him to make me his apprentice.

2. How are you seen by the people around you?

Ahhh! And others see you as the teacher and instructor who has no emotions. How interesting. It is almost as if you are the antiquities professor who has never been to Greece.

Your icy exterior is a false cover though, I think. You have launched so many others. You have a keen mind that others really do respect. Time to let them see what else you have besides that cutting intellect!

Pearl’s Response:

But I don’t have TIME for those other things. I need to learn magic. I have to swallow down everything I can as fast as I can. Emotions are secondary.

Okay, yes, maybe I do have feelings-for Grey and for these new friends-but I just cannot indulge myself now. There’s too much to do!

3. What is your most important goal?

Growth and nurturing. The 7 of Pentacles shows someone enjoying the fruits of their labor. You want to relish what you’ve accomplished. You want to come out of the garden and show others what you can do.

You have an affinity for earth that you may not be aware of, Pearl. This is all about being a passionate woman who helps create physical things in this world.

Pearl’s Response:

Well… Yes. This is true. I do want to show off my talents. I enjoy doing the magic I can do. I want to use my abilities to help people. And there’s this great mess we really need to get cleared up…

4. Where do you get your strength from?

The 3 of Cups is a card of sheer feminine strength. You know how to be a woman yet still be strong. Others may overlook and underestimate you because of your “womanly ways”, but you know that sometimes the weakest-appearing can be the strongest.

And this is about knowing your role and how to get the most out of it. Even if you were simply the parlor maid, you would still be the best there was simply because you have that ability to transition into what is necessary for that part.

Pearl’s Response:

Hmmm. I find this VERY interesting. Because I am a very small person. I might be taller than the queen (Victoria, for you ignoramuses who might not know)-but not by much. But I have learned that there is more than one way to approach one’s goal. If I can’t get in (or out) by the door, I’ll go out the window. Literally.

And of course, as a sorcerer, I Know all about a woman’s strength.

5. Why do you want to be remembered?

As the one who helped others who needed to be helped. There is a very strong sense of doing the right thing here. You probably are the first in your group to see the imbalances in the world and to try to right the wrongs. You have a very soft heart that truly cares about others.

You want others to remember Pearl Parkin as the woman who helped them when they most needed help. A philanthropist but not one who simply gives money and never looks back. You want to be the one remembered for helping with your own sweat and blood.

Pearl’s Response:

Oh my. This brings tears to my eyes. Because this is truly what I want. Truly.

I hope the ghosts remember me. I know at least one has, maybe two. And it is my own blood I give up-but don’t tell. That’s a guild secret.

Thank you to Pearl and Gail for joining me today. You can read an excerpt of Heart’s Blood here.

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