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Please leave feedback on your reading or workshop experience as well. I am opening this up so that all my clientele can have a place to share. Even if your reading or workshop was years ago, if you want to say something about it, please do.

If you are thinking about getting a consultation with me, you can review the remarks here to see what others think of my work as a Tarot consultant.

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70 thoughts on “What People Are Saying About Arwen Lynch, Professional Joy Seeker”

  1. I took your August Tarot writers workshop. You taught us a Hero’s Journey layout that serves very well for adventure stories.
    Your comments were good and the best writer advice you gave was to follow the Writers Creed or Code. Take what you can use and throw out the rest. Thanks muchly, Jody

  2. I was going through a difficult transition and received an extremely insightful reading from you. Your intuitive, caring, interpretation of the cards was really helpful. What you saw in the cards helped illuminate a murky situation and guide me toward a much happier and peaceful place. Thanks Arwen!

  3. I took Arwen’s tarot workshop for writers. I am amazed at everything I’ve learned. Now, any time i’m stuck or have a stubborn character, I pull out the cards and easily pull myself out of a jam. It’s a great workshop and I’ll reccomend it to anyone who struggles with characterization.

    Arianna Skye, Erotic Romance Author

  4. Hi, Arwen,

    I attended two workshops and had a reading. The workshops helped develop greater depth to my characters.

    I also had a Life’s Path reading. I still look at it time to time. I was able to shift careers and am in a much more nurturing environment to work on my life’s purpose. Having a less stressful job is a step in the right direction. That way my energy (one of my key stressors) is going towards good and not spent on being defensive and dealing with so many angry people. I worked in security. On one hand, I loved being the person people brought their problems to, on the other–I was tired of being the bad guy all the time. It is not a nurturing environment and I could not think the worst of people, like my co-workers. They thought I was such a Pollyanna. Yes, well, I’d rather be called that than other choice names.

    Now, I can concentrate on getting back to writing. You are not the only psychic to tell me my life’s purpose is to write–but you were the only one to give direction to my writing. I have written many things–but don’t think any of them are good enough yet. I have lots of ideas–so there is a lot of hope. Honing the craft of writing is a work in progress.

    Thank you for such loving, kind advice in my reading. It was exactly what I needed to hear to propel me into action.


  5. Arwen, I still think of your awesome reading of Cesca Marinelli, my vampire character. Amazing!

    I’m using the “device” of a reading in my 3rd book, and having a ball with it! You not only nailed Cesca, you inspired a cool piece of the plot!

    Nancy Haddock
    La Vida Vampire
    Last Vampire Standing

  6. I had Arwen do an “Ask the Universe 5” pertaining to a relationship I was involved in. It was very insightful and a couple of cards really opened up communication between me and my SO. 2010 has already started with a (not so great) bang and I am heading back to Arwen for a Life Path reading.
    If you have ever wanted to have a reading but have hesitated, you can’t go wrong by having Arwen do it! She is honest but gentle and explains everything in a plain, down to earth manner — not mumbo-jumbo like in the movies! ๐Ÿ™‚ I HIGHLY recommend Arwen!

  7. When Arwen did the character reading for my heroine in OVER MY DEAD BODY, I was amazed by its accuracy. The process was fascinating and so worthwhile. I would happily participate in any Arwen-related activities. She totally rocks!

  8. Arwen, I’m late to the posting, but can’t tell you how much I – and my readers – enjoyed your reading of Dev from Vampire’s Claim. It was amazing to me, how well you picked up on a fictional character’s traits just from a few tidbits of information. I mean, he’s real to me, but I didn’t expect your reading to be so close to the man I know him to be. Bravo, and may you have many more wonderful readings in 2010. I’m not at all surprised to read how many writers find your skills useful for improving their own craft. Best wishes!

  9. Ok, so this is my second post. ๐Ÿ™‚ I just received my Life’s Path reading from Arwen and all I can say is WOW. It touches so very close to home on what is currently happening in my life and what I have been letting simmer on my back burners. Thank you again, Arwen for providing me with an excellent reading!

  10. Wow, Arwen, what a great reading!! So useful and so right on! I will email you with some specific feedback in a day or two after I have digested it all, but, FANTASTIC reading.


  11. Arwen did a character reading for the hero of my 2009 book, IN THE MASTER’S BED. It was fascinating and insightful and I look forward to having her do the same for this year’s release, HIS BORDER BRIDE. (And maybe have one done for myself, too!)

  12. Having had readings in the past that left me frustrated and more confused than when I began. Then about two years ago I had a reading by Arwen and I have been a fan ever since then. She guides you to a balanced approach to the Universe. Her gift has a solid foundation of experience and educated knowledge of tarot.

    If you are thinking about a reading. Perhaps you are unsure and thinking that this is not for me. I too was a skeptic until I found Arwen and I hope you too will have a long and wonderful relationship as I have. I highly recommend Arwen not only for her gift, but for her ethical practices. There are thousands of tarot readers, just Google the topic and they all “pop up”. From my experience with others none come close to Arwen in so many ways.

  13. I had my first reading from Arwen at RT in 2009 and found her reading to be very insightful – she was spot on in her observations about my son, my family and and my writing career (including her predictions about me getting an agent this year, as well as selling a 3 book deal).

    Since that reading, I’ve taken two of her workshops and had at least one additional reading, and I’ve always been floored at how they open up new possibilities for me.

    Her interpretations are very balanced and to the point, and I can’t wait to see what her readings of my characters look like. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. My reading had many components, but they didn’t seem to tie in until the end, and then I began to see the big picture.

    I’ve had a couple of readings before and I typically leave with more questions than what I came into them with. This was not the case in this instance.

    I am very pleased with my reading by Arwen.

  15. I’ve been consulting the Tarot for many years as a querent, reader and writer, and I’m delighted to say that Arwen’s one of the best readers I’ve ever worked with. She’s well-grounded in the symbolic language of the cards, but what sets her apart from the rest is her intuitive skill. She was able to pull details out of the cards that a strictly technical reader wouldn’t have seen in a million years – heaven knows, I didn’t! The information started to flow even before she knew my questions, and much of it (including some I had major doubts about) has already proven accurate. Not only that, but she’s wonderful fun to talk to. An amazing experience all around!

    Thanks again, Arwen – you know I’ll be back! ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. Dear Arwen,

    Thank you for the insightful tarot reading about love. I really appreciated you adding to the three questions I came up with to help me reach a total of 5 questions for the spread. The questions you came up with were very meaningful for me and gave me valuable information. I have received a number of tarot readings from various folks online and I found yours to be the most professional and detail oriented. I greatly value the time you put forth for me and the attention and care you gave to my reading. I look forwards to working with you again in the future. Namaste.

  17. I won a free Universe reading with Arwen as a result of entering a blog contest. I had a very interesting and thoughtful reading. I can see Arwen uses the traditional meanings of the cards and blends them with her own unique insight — the cards seem to cause her to flash on a sudden insight or “prediction.” Very nice reading! Thanks so much.

  18. I can’t thank Arwen enough for a very insightful reading. She gave me valuable knowledge about the situations and about myself, providing guidance and advice. I felt a very lovely and fun connection with an exceptional human being. I look forward to another reading!

  19. Hi Arwen, you really hit the nail on the head with my chakra reading. Having the Star in my Solar Plexus position really illuminate how much I let the fear that I don’t deserve things or to dream big control all aspects of my life.

    I had the Guardian of Fire in my belly position, and while I’ve never experienced physical or sexual violence of any kind, I did grow up being made to feel ashamed to be a female – that women were inferior to men, so if I were to make it in life I’d have to “man up”, hide my emotions, and stop “being such a girl”. I spent a long time resenting being a woman and now at age 32, it’s kind of scary for me to express that part of myself. It’s almost like I don’t know how to let myself be feminine in any way.

    The reading was really eye-opening, and I do feel I need to focus on being myself, being who I want to be, or who I am, for myself – it’s what I’ve always wanted.

    Thanks for confirming this for me!

  20. I have had readings with others but trying to focus on one question did not always give me a lot of insight.

    My Universe reading was most perceptive, reinforced my direction on some items & opened some possibilities. Arwen’s intuition is wonderful and I hope to work with her again.

  21. I received my second reading from Arwen done long distance and sent to me as an Mp3 file. Arwen has an amazing presence and listening to her recorded reading, it feels very authentic and affirming and almost like she is right in front of me doing the reading. Her kind and loving personality really shines through and her readings have always been very accurate for me. I believe that she is able to directly receive messages from the universe that I am meant to hear. I have decent knowledge about the tarot cards myself and I like how Arwen speaks about the technical meaning of the cards while also sharing her personal interpretations. Finally, I enjoy how Arwen sums up all the relationship between all the cards at the end of the reading to give you more information about and help you close the topic. I’ve received readings from many different people, some through the Internet or long distance and some in person, and Arwen’s readings have been the most powerful to me.

  22. Just finished going over my Chakra reading for the second time. I listened to the Mp3 file (Thanks for that, by the way!) last night before bed, thinking that maybe taking some time to “sleep on it,” if you will, would bring about some clarity that I might’ve missed out on during the waking hours. This is my very first reading–ever, by anybody–and I have to say that even though I’m fully aware of what Tarot is and how it’s used, I was still somewhat surprised by just how accurately the cards matched up with my own thoughts and ideas about where I am and where I’d like to be going. I have already recommended Arwen to friends, and will continue to do so.

  23. Hi Arwen,

    Glad to be a guinea pig for your new 3 month personalised tarotscope reading! I think it works really well.

    I have written down some of your comments and advice, and will check them before each week to remind myself what to look out for. Already, it was fascinating matching them up to my calendar. For example, you said I should look out for victory in an educational matter the very week I go back to college, which is when I’ll be getting at least some of my grades. Given that’s still 5 weeks away, I’ll look forward to seeing how it goes, but the timing looks right ๐Ÿ™‚

    As ever, your reading was both practical and humorous – love your style!

  24. Arwen –

    Great workshop on characters and plotting with the Tarot. And yes, i agree that any deck of cards can be used, because it is the images that are driving the characters and the story. ๐Ÿ™‚


  25. I’m not very good at review writing… But Arwen did a reading for me that I found insightful, in fact some things hit too close to home and made me look at myself and my path in a more realistic way. this of course was very helpful, but stung a bit with its reality.

    Her reading was not vague it did not leave me feeling that what she said could apply to anything or anyone. Arwen, is a very engaging, personable, patient reader

  26. Personalised Tarotscope Update.

    Hi Arwen, just thought I’d check back with an update on how your personalised three month tarotscope is working out (about to enter week 10 of 12).

    The last two weeks your reading felt very pertinent. For week 8 you talked about filling myself up emotionally, and some old university friends came to visit – first time I’ve seen them in about a year! For week 9 you suggested there would be a community event with people jockeying for position, and that I could step in. Well, something of the sort happened, though I didn’t manage to moderate very well (blew my top, actually). Still, several people have suggested it may have been something quite necessary and helpful for the group as a whole…

    So, still proving very interesting and relevant ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Thank you so much for the Life’s Path reading. I am still reviewing it. It has already helped so very much. It was spot on. Thank you very much. I look forward to another reading in the future. You are amazing.

  28. I loved Arwen’s voice which was soothing and re-assuring. The reading (Torn between two lovers) was interesting and thought-provoking, I think on quite a profound level but I haven’t processed it all yet. I found her to be very genuine, have had lots of readings and also do them for myself but this one is all I need for now. I’m looking at my situation differently though of course some of it I already knew. Arwen was a bit later with the reading than she said but I completely got over that.

  29. I had a character reading done for Starling from PET’S PLEASURE. Arwen pegged my character perfectly. I loved responding to it… I mean, Starling loved responding to it. I’m definitely going to do this again for one or two of my other characters. ๐Ÿ˜€

    ~ Zenobia

  30. Arwen – just wanted to say thank you so much for the 3-card reading that you did for me over the weekend! First up – I was very impressed with how quickly you got the reading back to me! Secondly – the content of the reading was spot on! What you said rang very true – and I can totally own everything that your pointed out to me. I hope that I can put your reading to work in my daily life and by this time next year I’ve broken through my hang-ups!

  31. Thank you, Arwen, for the phenomenal three card read. The insight you shared was very much what I needed–the reminder that my journey is a marathon, not a sprint, and that patience and commitment are keys to success. I appreciate how you delivered the information in such a kind and hopeful way. I’m thrilled to be connected with you and look forward to another read sometime soon! Thank you for sharing your talent.

  32. Arwen,
    What a spectacular reading you did for me! It was spot on and perhaps the “thump on the noggin” I so needed. You are the first person to have given me a tarot reading and I truly felt like you were able to portray what path I needed to be on and how to go about doing that. Thank you for the confidence in going after my passions and I am looking forward to having you read me again very soon!

  33. Whoa, Arwen! You are right on target, especially about the dreams. I typically don’t remember mine, but for several weeks I’ve had old, recurring dreams that are really frustrating – I’ve lost my purse over and over and can’t find it, in a strange house where I can’t get back to the front door but keep finding new rooms. Thanks so much.

  34. Arwen, thanks so much for the Universal reading and getting back to me so fast. You’ve sparked a light at the end of my tunnel! Thank you! I guess we don’t always see what is so obvious because we are too close to it, so we never get that astounding insight. This is why we will always need you, Arwen. Thanks so much. Off to dig the old gal out of the dusty corner I accidentally forsook her in. Much Joy to you and yours!


  35. Arwen did a 1 question 3 card Universe reading for me and it gave me hope. I really appreciated the link she sent to the article about how to ask a more focused question. It really made me think about my question and it changed how I would’ve originally asked it. Thank you Arwen. I would recommend a reading if you need insight like I did.

  36. Loved the three card reading. So true all of it. It is a rite of passage for me as I leave nursing behind and discover another world that was there all along but suppressed due to rules and regulations. And yes, the Empress archetype is always there for me. Thanks so much. Toni

  37. I cannot say enough amazing things about Arwen. I “met” her because I won her novel tarot read in an auction. I had already sketched out and written a great deal of the novel and was going through a restructuring process, so wanted guidance, but knew where I thought I was headed. She was so spot on it was almost scary. For example, when pulling the mentor card (she does the read according to the Hero’s Journey), she pulled a Mexican bruja. As luck would have it, my mentor is a Mexican curandera. Yeah. EVERY CARD was like that. It was amazing.

    Since then, I’ve done 4 3-card reads with her. I’ve also had a large handful of friends do them as well because I believe in her that much. The reads I’ve asked her to do are serious, big issue things and her reads have been so kind and compassionate, so detailed, that I’ve been moved into silence for some time after I receive them.

    On top of all of this greatness, she offers a free podcast, free tarotscopes, a free workbook on learning to read your own cards, and her blog is a treasure trove of information about the cards and her insight into them. She is a generous, loving spirit who gives such great reads (even when it’s news you might not want to hear). I couldn’t recommend her any higher.

  38. Thank you Arwen for the February three card reading. What I noticed with all three cards is that by looking within I will be set free. The birds in Bindweed represent (to me) the endless mind chatter that hasn’t allowed me the “hear” my inner voice that guides. Very interesting how the High Priestess lets me know that by going within-I will be set free. The Ten of Air is very intriguing with the “V” shape formation of the geese…I immediately thought of “V” for Victory. I compared cards from the Mary-El Tarot and the Ten of Swords is one of the Horsemen-Death in fact-here’s a quote from the book about this card that really resonated with me and what I got from your reading: “His scythe separates the gross from the sublime, removing from you that which binds and setting you free, be it in body, life, in thought, understanding or consciousness.” So what’s been keeping me stuck is really all in my head! I have allowed the endless negative chatter based on the “I can’t” mantra of self-sabotage hold me back and keep me floundering in the muck. No mas! Time to move forward.
    Thank you so much~

  39. I receive a tarot Universe Reading from Arwen (I call her Arwen the Magnificent) and I’m amazed at how much she was able to tap into. The reading confirmed I am on the right track in reference to my career, romantic life, and health, and the reading offered some excellent tips on what I need to get rid of in my life and how to stay on the right track. My only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner. Thank you, Arwenโ€”you’re the best!

  40. I cannot say enough good things about Arwen. I met her a few weeks ago when she spoke at a Yellow Rose RWA meeting where she did a presentation on Mapping the Heroโ€™s Journey. I had no experience with Tarot, so I did not know what to expect, but her presentation was great. I highly recommend it for writers. I continue to use the tools that she shared to help me develop my characters. I found the information so useful that I decided to do a personal consultation with her.

    I did a 3-card reading with her today. Although I was a bit more familiar with Tarot based on her earlier presentation, I did not know how the reading would unfold. I went with an open mind and heart, and I was amazed as to how much insight she was able to tap into and how accurate the information was. Regardless of the topic, everything that she covered was a confirmation of the direction that I was already being led, even in areas that I have never discussed with anyone, including Arwen. For those who may think itโ€™s easy to make up an answer to a question asked, please know that I did not verbally ask my questions to Arwen. I held them in my mind, and each time the insight was on point.

    Arwen is delightful to work with and is gifted in Tarot. I highly recommend her.

    Thank you Arwen!

  41. The reading you did for my character Lily Astor was so right on! I could have used it for the character description when I was planning the book, it described her so well. I’ll definitely have you do some for characters in some of my other books.

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