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73 thoughts on “What People Are Saying About Arwen Lynch, Professional Joy Seeker”

  1. Thank you very very much for this gift reading, the stunning prove of the accuracy of this reading are the flooding tears from my eyes, not a bad tears one but joyful ones, the message was clear and out loud, when I was doubting myself on my own practice and intuition I had an Oracle reading by myself(with the Isis Oracle, I’m a devotee) and I received an answer but I didn’t though of myself enough to be having this amazing connection, I need it someone that I thrust and admire to confirm this for me, and you just have put this in the right place for me, so thank you so much.
    P.s: I’m enjoying the workbooks like a little girl, couldn’t be happier with them

  2. Thank you, Arwen, for offering this reading upon purchasing Leonie Dawson’s Shining Life Workbook! The reading couldn’t have come at a better time as I embark on a job quest. It never ceases to amaze me how accurate the messages from the tarot are, and how helpful they can be if you heed their advice. ?

  3. Thank you so much for this reading about my job situation! You’ve definitely hit the struggles I am having. And it is seriously awesome that you pulled Justice and Death for me because I’ve considered working in the Criminal Justice field and possibly with the Coroner’s Office!

  4. Arwen,
    Thank you so much for the reading you did for me. It was very concise and accurate. I def see a story with the cards you pulled and it does show that internal work will reap the benefits of a relationship with a potential partner. Is there anything else you see with the reading you did on my question ??

  5. I ordered the Matron/Patron reading from Arwen after watching just about all of her tarot videos, she is always right on point for this Capricorn. I’ve always been an Intuitive witch since a young girl, but very New to the practicing the craftand felt I could use Arwen’s expertise in assisting me with deity connection. Let me tell you, when I opened up that email response from Arwen I was instantly enveloped in this very familiar peace. In a nutshell Arwen’s tarot cards picked up on two African American ballet dancers (I adored the ballet as a girl often twirling in my room and I am of black Puerto Rican descent) a raven haired woman with the moon behind her (I’m a brunette and very much ruled by the moon astrologically, born under an eclipse moon) a man out in the wilderness alone (I love solitude) and lastly a card showing a woman unplugging about to embark on the outside world. (I desperately need to do the same as I’m addicted to my phone) Arwen is truly enchanted, charmed, gifted and the Spirits truly speak to this woman. Thank you so much Arwen for sharing your gift with us and providing such an invaluable service.

  6. I got the magical unsticking reading and it was awesome thank you so much are when it was one of the most encouraging uplifting awesome readings I’ve gotten in a long time just what I needed to hear and just enough to give me a little kick in the butt

  7. I had the 60 minute tarot reading from Arwen (my birthday gift to myself :-)). Arwen was so easy to talk with and she addressed all my concerns with spot on guidance, a gentle loving energy and humor. A perfect combination in my book. If you’re looking for some direction in any aspect of life, I would definitely book a reading. Arwen is very gifted and it is so worth it!
    Thank you Arwen for giving me an outstanding reading. 😀

  8. I had a 3-card reading from Arwen at the beginning of the year. The question was basically “what does Sue need to know for 2017?” I loved how she explained the individual cards and synthesized the dynamics of the 3 together. And, then, she boiled it all down to a straight-forward statement about the focus for the year. It was powerful, too. I keep going back to read her narrative but especially to get recharged by the to-the-point theme. It has been a great reminder & resource.Thank you, Arwen!

  9. I ordered the Matron/Patron reading, and Arwen really gave me a lot of information to go on in that reading. She also took the time to answer questions i had about the reading which i really appreciated! Thank you so much again Arwen, and i will absolutely buy more readings in the future! 😀

  10. A spot-on and skillful intuitive reading, thought-provoking insight, clear explanations, plus the patience to answer a few additional questions – what more is there to ask for?
    I definitely recommend Arwen’s services, and her Youtube channel too by the way!

  11. I ordered the Directions Universe Reading. Arwen’s messages for each card felt genuine and like she really focused on my question. She even picked up on a few things that really resonated with me. The layout for the reading was easy to understand and related well with my question. Don’t hesitate to order a reading! I really enjoyed the guidance I received, I’m certain you will too. ?

  12. This was my first experience with a Tarot card reading. I selected the three month snapshot, because I have some life-changing events happening over the next 90 days. I found the reading itself mindful and thought-provoking—Arwen’s explanation of the cards and their meaning were helpful. A positive experience for me, I know I’ll be back.

  13. After my reading with Arwen it is very clear that she has a amazing natural ability to read tarot and deliver the message using her intuition and psychic gifts. If you are a little lost on your path and have unanswered questions then using her wisdom she ways to illuminate the path for you and point in the right direction. Arwen accumulated her wisdom through many many lifetimes and holds a blue print so to speak in many areas not just tarot which she harnesses to help others.If you expect to be told only what you want to HEAR forget it she will tell you as it is GEEZZE wont she 🙂 My reading was spot on and 100% truthful .I respect this lady’s honesty, integrity and code of ethics she has.Not may tarot/mediums nowadays have the same sadly.I would absolutely not hesitate to refer her to my friends or have a future reading again myself hopefully face to face 🙂 If shes not ran off for the sage and garlic lol…What gives me the kahunas to write this well years and years of working with and alongside many many well known psychics/tarot readers and mediums and I am not easily convinced ….Thanks Again from Margaret (Scotland)

  14. Arwen is hands down the only tarot reader I plan to go to. I have used her talents in the past in order to reflect on whathas happened in my life and what is to come. She is intuitive, a warm personality, and explains the cards in an easy to follow manner. There a details she will spurt out that only I would know about myself. (And not some vague phrase. It’s specific.) I recommend her to anyone that feels they need or want a reading.

  15. What a treat my reading with Arwen was! She is not only an amazing tarot reader, but also a gifted psychic, and excellent councelor too. She made sure that I felt my questions were answered and that I understood the answers. I would not hesitate to get another reading from Arwen when needed.

  16. Very nice and funny, great tarot reader, very gifted!
    Everything she said was on point and accurate with where my life is now. Will definitely be using Arwen again in the future.

    Thanks Arwen!

  17. Arwen has been such a huge influence and joy in my life. I started getting tarot readings from her quite awhile back. She has helped me make good, healthy decisions and shed a lot of light into the darkness. After that I took her tarot reading class, which was extremely helpful to me as a novice tarot reader. I am still practicing some of the exercises she gave us and I continue to be helped by her methods. I follow her on Facebook and try to watch her daily readings live, because she brightens my whole day and gives me a great way to start the morning. I also took her 30 Days of Joy class and it was delightful! Since then I have incorporated some of daily practices she gave us and I am finding my way to more and more joy! Thank you, Arwen!

  18. Arwen’s reading was great. I had a video response but she was so animated, I found myself talking to the television. The Matron/Patron reading she gave was very thoughtful and she gave some great insights about the symbolism in the cards in relationship to the deity.

  19. O.M.G.!!!! I cannot state well enough how spot on my chakra reading today was. I loved every second of it. The good, the bad, the what’s working, the what I need to work on was all spot on. The Gain deck is so beautiful and I’m so glad I have it so I could look at the cards as she was interpreting them for me. I LOVED the 10 of Water and Ace of Water combo and how she explained it. I had never thought of that before and am always confused when I pull the 10 of Water (cups) as it doesn’t seem to fit. Now it does. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  20. Arwen’s reading for me hit it spot on. The cards suggested keeping my ancestors in the loop, and I hastily modified my altar…and wow, the good (and the strength) keeps pouring in. I am blessed to know Arwen in real life; this was only the second reading I’ve had her do over the years. It will not be the last!

  21. I had a reading with Arwen a few weeks ago. Her style was much more expansive than I had anticipated. The messages, options, and opportunities she conveyed in our session have prompted me to take steps that are opening up my life more and bringing me closer to some big dreams and goals. I felt like I was guiding the reading, but she was there to call my attention to all of the sign posts and help explain the landscape. My session with her has helped me make some major positive shifts and opened my eyes to hidden gems. She is both very grounded and very connected, and it was a joy and a blessing to work with her. I highly recommend her services.

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