Tarot&Food: Three of Coins Sausage Balls

Quick and easy. I needed something quick and easy. And cheap. Cheap would be a bonus as well since I had to make a lot for an office potluck. My writing partner mentioned she was making sausage balls for her holiday dinner.

“Sausage balls?” I perked up. What were sausage balls. When I read the recipe she sent me, I was thrilled. It hit all of my criteria of being quick, cheap and easy. Just like a good …. never mind. 🙂

Then I decided that since I have not updated my blog since Nov 1 (not even for the Dec 1 Tarotscopes–bad Arwen), I would use this as one of my Food and Tarot posts. But what card to use? I mean…what is quick, cheap and easy? I mean which card. And then it hit me! There are three ingredients so why not a three!

In looking at the threes, I only had two to choose from and the three of Cups would just not do! I mean this is small round dense food. AH HA! The remaining three would be perfect for this. The Three of Pentacles (Coins, Balls, Discs, etc) it is.

These sausage balls even LOOK like coins. Well, okay, round lumpy tasty three dimensional coins. HEY! Use your imagination, okay? And, like the three of coins, these little tasty lumps will work hard for you at any party. You can make them ahead to serve at room temperature or serve them hot. They don’t even need toothpicks.

The Three of Coins is the card of the committee. It symbolizes community working together. Some cards show an architect showing off his plans to someone else for their approval. These sausage balls will get you that approval. If you want to go for the gold, make two batches. Use sage sausage for a milder version and hot sausage for the kind I prefer.


Three of Coins Sausage Balls(thanks to Cai Smith for the recipe)

  • 2 Cups Bisquick
  • 1 lb Shredded Cheese (I used cheddar)
  • 1 lb Ground Sausage (I used Jimmy Dean hot)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Put Bisquick in bowl. Add cheese. Add sausage.

Mix together until it is a dough like substance. This takes a while. Then roll into walnut-sized balls.

Place foil-covered baking tray (you can use parchment paper if you prefer to absorb the grease).

Bake 15-20 minutes until golden brown. Let them cook a bit and they will come right off the foil.

You can freeze these and reheat them later.

Best if reheated in the oven. Just wrap in foil.

3 thoughts on “Tarot&Food: Three of Coins Sausage Balls”

  1. Here’s another hint – mix the sausage and the Bisquick together first and then add the cheese. They seem to mix better that way and they’re not quite as “powdery” looking. 🙂

    I love the taste the Sage sausage gives them, but I kinda figured you’d go for the hotter variety – LOL

    I really do recommend using the Sharp Cheddar cheese, no matter what type of sausage you use. 🙂

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