Character Reading: Cesca (Last Vampire Standing)

LastVampireStandingToday I am pleased to share a reading I did for Francesca Melisenda Alejandra Marinelli or as her friends and readers know her–Cesca, the surfing vampire. Her creator, Nancy Haddock, has two books out and you can win a copy of one. Read to the end for how to win.

I am so happy to be able to present this reading. I met Nancy…on Twitter maybe? On a loop? I can’t remember. But she is SUCH a nice human being! I really loved Cesca’s first book but have made myself wait to buy the second one because I knew I as going to do this reading. It’s been hard!

Nancy Haddock, authorFrom Nancy’s site: Nancy Haddock’s debut book from Berkley Publishing Group, La Vida Vampire, was released in April 2008 and hit national bestseller lists. The second book in the series, Last Vampire Standing, will be a May 2009 release. Nancy has written everything from children’s picture books to teleplays, and has finaled in and won numerous contests during her trek to publication. In addition to writing paranormal romantic mystery, she writes cozy mystery and screenplays, and has written an adaptation of La Vida Vampire for a feature-length film – an adaptation that needs a leeeetle more work.

Now for the reading:

How do you see the people around you?

What an interesting first card, Cesca. The Four of Wands indicates that you draw a great deal of strength from those around you. This is about your mental connections with others keeping you sane and stable in an unsteady world.

You seek the happiness they seem to have. You love other people for the life and enjoyment they bring to you. I think you see them as your teachers in this new life before you.

There is a sense of innocent joy here, Cesca. You are not a user and I am guessing you would not like those who did try to use your friends for anything of a nefarious nature.

And the dog in front always makes me think of Dorothy starting on her path down the Yellow Brick Road. You have begun a journey because of these other people and you plan to see where it takes you, don’t you?

Cesca’s Response:Wow! You’ve pegged me already, Arwen. Maggie, the woman who unearthed me, has been the guiding force in my new shot at afterlife, but her fiancé, Neil, has been an influence, too. Especially on my surfing.  Then there are my ghost tour and bridge friends, the Jag Queens, and my hunky guy, Deke Saber. I’d defend any of them in a heartbeat, and I am walking this path with them for as long as I can.

How are you seen by the people around you?

Your community sees you as someone in a place of power. They realize you are learning how to use all the tools that you have. Sometimes they may leave you more alone than you might like, but there is a sense of awe in them.

You inspire them but also frighten them a bit, I fear. No fault of yours, Cesca. Sometimes when you are seen as being in a position of authority (whether that is real or not) others will avoid you unless they need you.

Being seen as the Magician is a heavy burden at times because they think you can fix everything. The Magician’s sorrow is that he knows he can only fix what is within his control. That can cause strife because others simply think he isn’t doing enough.

Cesca’s Response:I see this is true, even if it makes me a little sad to sometimes to be seen a cross between an artifact and a curiosity. ‘Course Saber’s always after me to be all I can be, and I am trying. My fear is that, even if I get good at vampire tricks, Saber and others will expect me to fix the unfixable.

What is your most important goal?

Whoa! Are you sure you want to go there, Cesca? That is a HUGE undertaking to take down that Tower. And it can be incredibly dangerous. I’m not one to get all screechy about death, but people could die if you continue on this goal.

This card tells me you are going to try to disrupt a very powerful person or thing in your world. Your goal is to topple their tower of lies and deceit.

There will be collateral loss, I am sad to say. You may even end up very hurt yourself. The tower is a harsh lesson. Looks like your goal is be the teacher in this. I wish you luck.

Cesca’s Response:This is that thing that might not be fixable. People have already died in the Void, so if I have to go down fighting, I will. My afterlife is nothing if my friends aren’t safe.

Where do you get your strength from?

Ahhhh, the Lovers. You have someone in your life who is very important to you. You may not recognize him yet, but he is there for you in so many ways.

You also have help from “above” as it were. A higher power of some sort is watching over you. Remember to love yourself as much as you love others. This, too, will bring you great strength.

With that Tower as your goal, you will need to draw on those you love for your strength. You may have to do this in ways you would rather not, but that goal is so huge, Cesca…you may not be able to avoid it.

Cesca’s Response:Um, Arwen, you are creepily accurate. Saber has been a great strength, as well as a nag. And then there is Triton, an old friend back in town. They are both after me to take down that Tower. Sigh. Any chance that that “help from above” will materialize, fully armed?

Why do you want to be remembered?

I’m laughing because you have had four Major Arcana out of five possible cards. Here we have the Star. Who doesn’t want this, right?

The Star is about brilliance and balance both. There is also a higher education piece as well. You want to be remembered for being a shining example to the world. If you must go, you hope that others will have learned from you and grown from their experience with you.

And that is also how you experience others. You learn from them. You grow from your interactions (good or bad) with others. I see this as your need to be that kind of leader who isn’t a leader. I know that’s convoluted, but there you are!

With your birthday being right on the Gemini/Cancer cusp, that balance thing is huge for you. Do remember that you must finish what you start!

Cesca’s Response:Finish what I start, hmm? Since this whole reading has been eerily accurate, I’m taking this card as a sign that I’ll be finishing lots of things. I’m supposed to be Maggie’s Maid of Honor, even if I have to wear a bustled gown. Then there are ever so many things to finish with my darling Saber … and start up again.

Last Vampire Standing by Nancy Haddock is the second in the series.

Cesca Marinelli is on an afterlife high until a budding stand-up comic, Jo-Jo the Jester, escapes from his Atlanta nest looking for sanctuary. Worse than Jo-Jo’s bad jokes, a psychotic vampire also lurks in the shadows, putting everyone close to Cesca in danger. She must discover who the whacko is and what he has to do with an energy-sapping plague knocking off the country’s head vamps. Will Cesca get the last laugh, or will a killer be the Last Vampire Standing?

lavidavampireCheck out an excerpt for both Last Vampire Standing and the first in this great series, La Vida Vampire here.

And guess what? Nancy is generously giving away one copy each of La Vida Vampire and Last Vampire Standing. How do you win? You leave a comment for Nancy! Ask her a question.


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19 thoughts on “Character Reading: Cesca (Last Vampire Standing)”

  1. Dear Arwen,
    I fully enjoyed your tarot reading and especially your interpretation of The Star. How ong have you been reading and studying Tarot?
    And Cesca, was this your first Tart Card reading? And if so, how would you sum up the experience?
    Thanks and good luck in accomplishing your Towering goal.

    Vikki Bakus

  2. I’ve been studying the Tarot since 1980. I truly love the Tarot and these character readings have been more fun than anyone can imagine.

  3. Arwen,
    An interesting and incredibly accurate reading. I’ve peeked into Cesca’s future = I’ve read Last Vampire Standing, and wow, you’re good. Cesca, I’m not telling, but your life’s path is about to get bumpy!
    Nancy, once again you’ve crafted a fabulous story. And a screenplay, wow, that mega rocks! I’m crossing EVERYTHING for you! I’m wishing you ever ysuccess!!! *Hugs* ^5

    Diana Cosby
    Romance Edged With Danger

  4. Hi Rita and Vikki and Arwen!

    Rita, you asked what I thought of Arwen’s reading. The answer is that it’s more far more accurate than any reading I’ve ever had on myself – by a long shot. As Cesca said, it’s so accurate that it’s creepy.

    Vikki, Cesca here. Thank you for the good luck wishes with the Tower. We’ll all need it! This was my first Tarot reading, and the sum of the experience is that I’m still shocked. I mean, I’m psychic myself, which is what brought me to the attention of the vampire who turned me. But Arwen’s reading still gives me goose bumps. I hadn’t given much thought to people fearing me a little, or to collateral damage from – as you say – the Towering goal. On the other hand, forewarned in forearmed, right? Guess we’ll find out!

    Arwen, it’s Nancy again. We did meet on a loop, tho I don’t remember which one. Thank you for having Cesca and me here, and for Cesca’s reading. I don’t know if all your readings are as on target as Cesca’s, but you certainly have a gift!

    Nancy and Cesca

  5. Hi Nancy. Fun reading! Cesca is an amazing character and that must come from the amazing author who created her.

    Now, Arwen, you can go read Last Vampire Standing. Enjoy! (And notice how accurate your reading is!)

  6. What a great way of getting inside a character’s head, a mystical insight… and so much fun! Great connection.
    Thanks, for sharing. Might give you, Nancy some insight to your next connect with Cesca.

  7. Hi Nancy, sounds like Arwen’s reading was spot on, and really makes me want to read your stories. We get a great sense of Cesca’s strength of character, and who can resist a vampire that surfs?

  8. Hi All!

    So sorry to be lagging on rsponses. I had technical problems until just a bit ago, and now I need to head off for a few hours. I’ll respond to everyone (and/ or Cesca will) soon!


  9. Hi Again!

    Diana, thank you for your compliments on my books! You’re so right that Cesca’s life is getting bumpier! 🙂

    Diana and Edie, I’m also glad ya’ll see the accuracy in the reading that I do! I can highly recommend this Tarot reading to you and your characters, so have a chat with Arwen!

    Maggie! One of my fav mystery authors! It’s great to see you in this ever smaller world, too! (And hope to see you for the ghost tour!)

    More in a moment!


  10. Aww, shucks, Misty. (Digging my toe in the dirt, uh, laminate flooring.) Thanks for your your compliments!

    Lynn, Tarot readings for characters fasciated me, too, and I hope you’ll give it a shot!

    Neringa, you’re totally right that Arwen’s reading has given me insight into Cesca’s next adventure. Can’t wait to see where we’re going!

    Cathy M, if you give my books (and Cesca) a try, I hope you’ll enjoy!

    Happy weekend, everyone, and thank you again for stopping to visit today!


  11. Hi Tracy! I absolutely had the chills when I saw Cesca’s reading. If I’d been eating, I would’ve choked!

    I don’t know how many more of these Arwen will do, but I highly recommed them. As well as I know Cesca, the Tarot reading really did bring aspects to light that I’ll be using as we complete the next book!

    Hope you’re well and enjoying fall in MO!


  12. What a great idea, Arwen. You’re also right about Nancy being such a nice human being.

    I LOVED LVV, and LVS is in my TBR stack. I’m saving it for a cool, rainy day (after a Texas summer in the triple digits!).

  13. Hi Ann! Hope that cool front has abated those TX temps, rain or no. We’re still on low bake here in No. Florida. 🙂

    Thank you for both compliments (blush), and isn’t this Tarot reading idea/ blog of Arwen’s genius? Having done a different kind of psychic work myself in the past, I know not all readings can be this accurate, but Arwen sure hit the mark on Cesca!

    Happy rest of your weekend!


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