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OBDB_MedThis character reading is for Simone Sweet. She’s the heroine of Over My Dead Body which is book 5 (of six and counting) from the very talented author, Michele Bardsley. She calls her genre “Vampire Moms.” If you are not familiar with Broken Heart, OK, you really do not know what you are missing. Michele’s books are littered with dead people and lots of laughter.

Oh? Did I forget to mention that Broken Heart, OK was the site of a slightly paranormal attack and now the town is all dead? Or at least mostly dead? Learn more about this fabulous small town America by visiting Michele’s site.

Here’s a bit from her bio:

michelert2008bookfair2Nationally bestselling author Michele Bardsley is multi-published in several genres, but she is best known for her vampire mom series set in the fictional town of Broken Heart, Oklahoma. The adventures of her paranormal PTA parents have garnered excellent reviews and numerous kudos.

And now let’s visit with Simone and see what she thought about her reading.

Arwen: How do you see the people around you?

The Nine of Pentacles, Simone, is the card of the contented woman. But this is how you see others and not yourself. You may feel that you have everything in place but there is something missing.

You need to move past your window gazing and get back out there. I see a bit of loneliness. Maybe a yearning to do things you can no longer do or no longer have the time for. There seems to be a need here for gardening and making a home that you are not able to fulfill completely.

When the Nine of Pentacles shows up, I remind my clients that they need to enjoy not only the growth they have but the new growth that is also there. You need to take time to weed your life to make sure you are focused on what is going to benefit you the most.

Simone’s Response: I’m a vampire, so I suppose I miss what humans take for granted, such as sunrises, breathing, food, and faith. It’s funny that you mention weeding … nothing grows on our property. I’ve always wondered why. Does it have something to do with the paranormal elements of our town? Or is my farm cursed?

Arwen: How are you seen by the people around you?

Three of Swords is a harsh card. You seem to have a bit of a reputation for having your heart broken easily. Or is it that you are a heartbreaker?

You need to be careful, Simone. Someone in your circle doesn’t seem to care for you very much. They may take more pleasure from your pain. If someone keeps you down and anxious, you need to move away from them.

And what is this need to seek out dangerous types? Your community worries about that.

Simone’s Response: My husband wasn’t a nice man. He broke my heart, and my spirit. But I’m stronger now. And if I keep seeing his ghost, well, I guess that’s no less than what I deserve after that terrible night. I try to keep my secrets, to keep people from getting to close. I learned that making friends puts them in danger.

Arwen: What is your most important goal?

The Three of Pentacles is the card of the architect, Simone. This tells me that you want to build something. Now this isn’t necessarily a literal building but it is about bringing people together to grow some how.

Many times I see this card as a reflection of some group project you are involved in. You need to take confidence in the fact that what you have to offer is necessary to the rest of your group.

You are a talented artist in some way, Simone so let that out. Do not hide your light under a bushel. Now isn’t the time to hide your ability.

Simone’s Response: As a vampire of the Family Velthur, I can control liquid elements. I make metal art using those powers, but that’s mine. It’s not something I share. I can fix darn near anything mechanical. I’ll help anyone who asks. I own my own business now, the garage down on Main Street. I don’t tell anyone, but it’s hard to believe sometimes that I deserve it. That I deserve anything good.

Arwen: Where do you get your strength from?

You are the Page of Pentacles, Simone. Your true strength of character comes from your work ethic. You know how to get a job done and done right.

Now you may be the type that does not ask for help because of this need to do things right. Others may see you as a bit too focused at times and maybe even a bit eccentric in your need to accomplish tasks. Are you a list maker, Simone?

The Page of Pentacles is often someone involved in finances for a living. The goat in this card indicates a healthy attitude towards physical things like S-E-X as well.

Simone’s Response: Well, I do know how to pinch a penny. As for S-E-X … what girl wouldn’t crave some old-fashioned loving? Unfortunately, vampires are instantly married to anyone they have sex with. I have a little girl to worry about, and I’ll be damned if I’ll bring her anymore pain or worry by trying to fulfill base needs. I’d be lying, though, if I didn’t say I don’t think about falling in love. But that’s not something I can have. Not while I’m still making up for the mistakes I made.

Arwen: Why do you want to be remembered?

What an intriguing card for this question. Simone, this is the card of mental balance. And it is our first Air card in this reading. Most of your cards have been about physical things.

Here we see you wanting to be remembered as the one who could balance things well. And there is a bit of a need to not be seen as this quiet person. You have an inner warrior who is just frantic to get out at times.

You need to be remembered for your strategy and ability to protect those around you as well as balance. Almost as though you want to be the cookie mommy and the corporate warrior at the same time.

With this card, I would say that you can do this. Just make sure no innocents get hurt as you learn how to balance those very sharp parts of your life.

Simone’s Response: I suppose I do feel myself chafing at the bit. I’ve created walls around myself, so necessary to my survival, at least when I was human, but in Broken Heart, I don’t need them. I see people want to befriend me, but it’s so hard to trust. I think something bad is coming, I can feel my past hovering like a shadow … I think it may be time to pay for my sins. I’ll try to keep balance, I’ll try to trust … no matter how it hard it might be to finally rely on others.

Vampire mechanic and single mom Simone Sweet finds herself falling for ex-para-military operative Braddock Hayes. Then both their bloody pasts catch up to them … and jeopardizes everyone in Broken Heart.

Read an excerpt from Simone’s story.

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50 thoughts on “Character Interview: Simone Sweet”

  1. Great reading, Michele (& Arwen)!

    I have to admit that my daughter, affectionately known as The Diva Child, introduced me to your writing. She’d picked up a copy of I’m the Vampire, That’s Why, and wanted me to find her anything else by you at the RWA Conference that year.

    Fortunately for my lovely child (and me, cause it introduced me to your books, too!), you were in attendance that year and signing copies of Don’t Talk Back to Your Vampire. TDC was thrilled with her personalized copy which, of course, made me the coolest mom on the planet! LOL

  2. Oh, Arwen, these are so much fun, and Michele’s book sounds delightful. Having been to a few PTA meetings (as a reporter) I can easily imagine how out-of-control they’d get when filled with vamps, wolves and the like.

  3. Oh, Michelle, you know I am a sucker for your books. The way Simones’s story started nearly did me in! Keep them coming…You know I’ll buy!

  4. I absolutely loved book 3 with Patsy! She is such an amazing character and reminds me of the strong women I grew up with, who didn’t have perfect lives, but did their best to make something good of it.
    I haven’t been able to get the 5th or 6th book, but I will soon. I love the series.

  5. I loved “Over My dead Body” , but I love all your books!!! Tarot card angle is such a unique way to develope a character and gain insight and not to mention VERY ENTERTAINING!!!!

    Thank you,

  6. I have to admit I have my own Tarot cards. But I have never done a reading on myself. I am too scared I guess.

    I think I relate more to Ralph’s story because I was a unmarried mom with a small child and in the military. I married a man whom was a military man the second time around too. ( First one was a Army man) So the challenges Ralph has in protecting his child and the the father all the while wanting to feel like a the man with the girl too. I remember sometimes I felt almost resentful for the things I gave up in my life just for my daughter. But I would never change what I have done to get her to where she is today. A healthy, covered in dirt 9 year old in love with Zach Effron, and a pain in my butt. LOL
    .-= Rayna´s last blog ..5 Minutes with Cynthia Eden =-.

  7. I have not read any of Michele’s books. I went to Broken Heart Ok and checked them out. They really sound like they would be fun to read. I would want to start with the first one, I’m the Vampire That’s Why, since they are in a series, and there are six books.

    Great interview also!!

  8. I LOVE this book!! It is my favorite out of them all!! Everytime I tell a new friend to read the books, I get so excited to hear from them about how much they also liked them!! I cant wait for the next books to come out!! I have gotten multiple friends reading them and wanting to buy their own copies so they can re read them over and over again!!

  9. I absolutely LOVED Simone Sweet. I believe that she is my favorite Broken Heart resident thus far. It is so easy to become part of Broken Heart while reading. It’s almost like I am an outsider looking in…except I am a pervert voyeur too. HA HA HA!

  10. Michele,
    The reading was great! What a cool idea to have Simone read of all in Broken Heart, she is the one I would have picked for one! I have to say my favorite is your first book “I’m the Vampire, that’s why” because it was the one that introduced me to you and Broken Heart, I love it there and just love you.


  11. That was great! I love this series but it is sooo hard to choose a favorite. I’ll have to say the first one because that is the one that got me hooked. 🙂

    mishcara at gmail dot com

  12. Simone’s story in “Over My Dead Body” was an awesome story. I read it all in one night, I could not put it down. This reading helps me to understand Simone more. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  13. I enjoyed the last two of the series and will look to buy the other ones. Having this unique paranormal town has been a real treat!

    Simone’s reading was a great insight as well.

  14. ooohhh, vampires and comedy count me in!!!!!!!!!! This seems interesting! More books yay! And I always liked Tarots. Thank you.
    Aori H.


  15. wow this series sounds great and though I’ve never had the pleasure of reading them. I would love to and of course being the anal person I am I would have to start at the beginning. lol.
    Please enter me in this contest.
    scrtsbpal at yahoo dot com

  16. Hi Michele, great intro to the character. I haven’t read this story yet, but now you definitely have me curious.


  17. What a great concept — tarot reading a character! I’m going to have to browse the archive. 🙂 Simone sure sounds like she’s got some cards stacked against her.

    My favorite Broken Heart moment still comes from the first book when Jessica instinctively does something that will protect her children — without even realizing the import of the moment. (No spoilers from me!) That scene was so completely touching for me that it’s stuck with me.

    That said, I do need to catch up on the recent additions to the set!

  18. I absoslutely love this series and am a devoted reader. My favorite book as yet? Eva’s and Lorcan’s story Don’t Talk Back To Your Vampire. I cannot wait for the next book in the series!

  19. I love Broken Heart, OK. I also loved Simone story. It was nice to read her interview here as well. Can not wait until your next book, I love how funny and “real” your stories are too. To read about your character and read the interaction with each other and thier children is a wonderfully fun experience. I love taking mini vacations to Broken Heart, OK. Thanks.

  20. I love your books! I think that Jessica’s story is still my favorite. I can relate to it the most because I’ve been cheated on and then when you think life is absolutely crazy, someone really special comes into your life. I’m looking forward to your next book and hopefully, many more to come. 🙂

  21. I have read and love all the books (and the two short short stories on the website) I just hope/wish that I will be able to kindle the first book sometime soon so I can have the whole set on my kindle!

  22. I have to say Jessica & Patrick”s story (I’m The Vampire, That’s Why) is still my favorite. However, I am barely hanging in there waiting for the new release in January 2010. I love the humor as much as the strength built into each character. I have gotten my daughter-in-law hooked on Broken Heart and she is re-reading the series now!

  23. Great reading!

    I cant pick a favorite, what an unfair question. 🙁 Jessica and Patrick’s story got me hooked from the beginning but all the stories are great and I cant wait to see what happens to the rest of the characters in the town we have all grown to love.

  24. I love all of the characters but if I have to choose a couple I pick Jessica & Patrick. I loved the way the story began with her awakening latched on to a naked Patrick’s inner thigh. I especially enjoy this series because I often find myself laughing out loud while reading them. I have my calendar marked on Jan. 5, 2010 to pick up a copy of Come Hell or High Water–I can hardly wait. Thank you Michele for writing such great characters.

  25. I gotta say that every time one of your books comes out I race to the the bookstore! They are great and the characters are hilarious! Thank you so much for sharing them with us! You absolutely rock!

  26. This was a great interview and I would love to have the first book in the series. Thank you for bring us such great reads.
    Debby Creager

  27. Your books look great have not read them yet waiting to get them all first like to have all the books before I start that way I don’t fill like I’m hanging there woundering whats going to happen next.I would start whit the first dont believe and gettting ahead of myself.
    [email protected]

  28. Bardsley, honestly, pick one? How bout I just have a litter of puppies instead? That would be much easier…well, it would be if I were a werewolf. Gosh, favorite…hmmm, since I’m cutting off my arm right after I type this – I’ll go with book uno “I’m the Vampire, That’s Why” because it started the whole schmoozle (yes, you may use my word in one of your books.)

    Michele, the stories are entertaining and if Barnes & Noble hasn’t sent you a thank you card on my behalf, then guess I’ll just have to kick ol’ B&N in the nut sack. BTW, I’m still going to B&N once a week and rearranging the shelves so yours and the other authors that we love (DC, Mark, etc.) are face out and ready to be grabbed!

    The tarot reading was awesome! love it, love it! I do have one last comment (then you can rest easy…) have you DC and Mark considered writing a book, short stories, whatever, where your characters meet up? I really think everyone’s fans would love it…so, how about something for Christmas?
    Gina Growe in Springfield, IL where life would be more fun if you would have a book signing here, okay, how about close by at least, St. Louis?

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