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How DARE they change the name? I was in an uproar about it.


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“Within the realms of Numerology, when a name is changed it alters the vibration, so a name that resonated at the vibration of 2, suddenly resonates at 9 because letters are either added or indeed dropped. It got me wondering about Tarot, in the sense of Card Names, does a change of name alter the vibration of a card and its meaning, what could that mean for a client, who comes in and asks will changing my name make a difference? etc… “

This made me think of many ideas but the one that comes up is how I first met a differently named card. Let me set the stage. I am a baby witch. It is 1983 maybe? I’ve just really taken up the cards for use as a tool. Before this, I had been studying but never really clicking with the cards. I had the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot that I was using along with the Herbal Tarot. I loved it. Loved it so much that I wanted another deck to work with. Just to test my theory that the Herbal Tarot would be the only deck I ever truly jived with. (I’ll wait while you finish laughing.)

So I picked up the Tarot of the Old Path. Remember, baby witch? Anything that had anything witchy like in the name was going to be sought out by me. Hey! Don’t judge. At least I did avoid the huge pentagram-around-my-neck stage.

When I was going through my new deck (my precioussss), I discovered a few things. The biggest one was that they had screwed up the names. Add to that it wasn’t even the right image. I mean, Death, that jolly, bony knight on a white horse, was not a knight. There was no horse. And this guy wasn’t jolly at all. He, or she, was Transformation. At least the Herbal Tarot, just a ghostly figure in front of flowers, was still Death, right?

How DARE they change the name? I was in an uproar about it. I mean…they didn’t even add up the same numerologically. In my baby witch dogma I felt all name changes had to resonate with the original name number. HEY! It’s what my teacher said. (Heard that one before? Better yet, said it?) But then I asked my teacher. <insert very wry look here> Lady Lhianna looked at me for a bit. She had a way of really piercing you with her look even if she was (is still) a petite brunette beauty.

Then she asked me, “What’s in a name, Arwen?” Knowing I needed to think about it, I pondered that. Of course, I realized that my Christianized way of looking at death was still death=done. There was no next time. There was no “one more ride” in the way I was taught. You died. You went to heaven or hell. Hell wasn’t a flaming pit of doom in my church. It was the absence of God’s presence in your life. Scary, right?

But Death in the pagan way I follow IS a transition. It is moving from this world to the one beyond with a very real possibility of returning. Then there is the concept of how death changes not only those who die, but also those left behind. I know I have been hanged by every death in my life.

What about you? What do you think is in a name? Leave your comment then hop on to the next blog in this Tarot Blog Hop from Jay Cassells.


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