Social Networking: What Card?

tweetSocial Networking. It’s the new hot topic…or is it. Haven’t we always been social networkers? If it wasn’t online via Twitter or Facebook or some other fabulous place, it was around the water cooler at the office.

Maybe it was gathering up on the porch or in front of the drugstore to talk about who was seeing who and what was good at the grocery this week. We have always swapped tales and recipes. We have always worried about who was seeing whom. It’s a human virtue as I see it.

It’s about caring. We care what is happening with others. We want them to care about what is happening to us. We need to be heard as much as we need to hear.

Because of this need to be heard and to hear, I have chosen the air suit, Swords, as the Social Networking suit of Tarot. Yes, yes, not all decks associate Swords with air. I “get” this association so it works for me.

But what card? Not the Ace as that is just the energy of the suit waiting to happen. This has already happened and is happening all around us.

I thought maybe one of the Court cards–surely the Page of Swords would beperfect. But really, he’s just the messenger. He’s not the real identifier for me. As I go through the images in my head, I keep stopping on the Six of Swords.

Here is a card that symbolizes moving out of troubled times. Asking for and receiving help. Definitely about journeying, but I don’t think the Six of Swords is exactly right.

What about the Queen? Or her counterpart, the King of Swords? Either might work, but there is too much control there. Too much direction from either of them for me

So I go back to where I began with the Ace of Swords. It is about the energy of Social Networking after all. It is about what we put in and what we take out. Here is where it begins then. With the seed of communication that air represents. All the many ways we communicate. All the many ways we seek to connect to one another.

All the ways we seek to hear and to be heard.  I would love to hear from you. Tell me what you think about this so-called “new” phenomenon of Social Networking.

5 thoughts on “Social Networking: What Card?”

  1. I think the Ace of Swords works well for social networking, but I think I’d pick the 3 of Cups. I agree with the swords = air and air as communication attribution. But I see threes as meetings and community, with cups symbolizing the fluidity, emotions, and connections that social networking emphasizes.

    That’s something I love about the tarot: there are always multiple “right” answers. 🙂
    .-= Cheri´s last blog ..Daily Card: Strength, take two =-.

  2. Found this from reading about Ostara. As I read what you wrote, and thought about it myself, I was thinking a 3, and if we take away the image on the 3 of Swords, and think 3 of Air, that’s where I ended up. It’s the connection of 2 (or more) through the air, electronics, and things we know are there working for us, but we can’t really see. The internet, the social network, and ourselves, somewhat sterile on the surface, yet if you look deeper we reach what does touch our hearts. And… what can cause a quick case of grief? finding out you can’t connect to your friend on facebook 😉
    .-= Shari´s last blog ..Jan 28 2010 – Staying focused and splitting my day =-.

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