Tarotscopes for May 24-30, 2015

Gaian Tarot Child of Air

Welcome to this week’s Tarotscopes. My goal is to help you find your joy and hang on to it. You can transform your existence by bringing joy back in on a regular basis. I’m here to be your joy guide.

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Tired of being sad? Done with all the negativity in this world? Let’s work together to bring you back to the joy path. No time like the present to get started on your own joy seeker’s life. I’m ready to help. What’s holding you back?

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Did you know you can hear your full monthly Tarotscope here? Get your month started right with an in-depth joy journey. And it’s always the right time to start that book you’ve always dreamed of writing (or the next book…)

Gaian Tarot Child of Air
Gaian Tarot

CARD OF THE WEEK: [inlinetweet prefix=”CARD OF THE WEEK” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #tarot”]Time to examine your thoughts. Which one will you pick to [/inlinetweet]be your focus. How about a word for the week. So many of us do our words for the year, but what about words for the week? What do you want to achieve this week? What word describes that? The Page of Air calls us to focus on what we want. Stick to your path this week, darlings! (CHILD OF AIR)

nine-airAQUARIUS [inlinetweet prefix=”AQUARIUS” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #tarot”]Sometimes you must trust in the knowledge that no matter where you go, there [/inlinetweet]is someone watching out for you. Check in with your inner anxiety moderator. Make sure s/he hasn’t been out in the mole field making mountains. You know what I mean, Vern? We can create monsters in the closet so easily. Maybe it would be a better use or out energy to trust that the Universe has our best interests at heart. What do you say? (NINE OF AIR)

PISCES [inlinetweet prefix=”PISCES” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #tarot”]Energy is readily available. This week may feel like it is on fast forward, but that’s [/inlinetweet]totally okay. Plan for where you want to be. Look to where you are going rather than where you have been. Understand that a falling star may be beautiful, but it is at the end of its current life path. What are you at the end of? Realize that means you are the beginning of something else. (EIGHT OF FIRE)

ARIES [inlinetweet prefix=”ARIES” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #tarot”]Inter-office blah blah blah rarely does anyone any good. If you can, ignore those who must [/inlinetweet]always be negative. They don’t have anything good to say. All that sniping causes grief for you if you allow them to pull you in. So you have to hear it…but you don’t have to actually listen to it. Go to your happy place while they bitch and moan. Don’t let the whiners of the world drag you down with them. (FIVE OF AIR)

TAURUS [inlinetweet prefix=”TAURUS” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #tarot”]Prayers work. Yours are being heard. The key is how you are sending them up and what you are [/inlinetweet]asking for. Remember to couch all requests in positive terms. It’s better to ask for sunshine than no rain. Stay on the sunny side of the street. You can even whistle a merry tune since you have the Universe’s ear right now. Ask for what you want. Stay positive. Kinda simple, yes? (ELDER OF AIR)

GEMINI [inlinetweet prefix=”GEMINI” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #tarot”]Tackle that budget, sweethearts. Don’t overspend this week. Some things look amazing but [/inlinetweet]the truth is? The end result won’t be what you want. Give it another week at least. Something better may come along. So don’t let anyone sweet talk you into dipping into those savings. Not even that cutie in your mirror. Money needs to be left alone to grow rather than spent on what you don’t really even need. (GUARDIAN OF EARTH)

Gaian Tarot Eight of Air
Gaian Tarot

CANCER [inlinetweet prefix=”CANCER” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #tarot”]Gather up your best thinkers. Share stories with one another as innovative ways to[/inlinetweet] resolve challenges. Make sure you listen twice as much as you speak. Your role this week will be as the creator of space for everyone to come together. In this sharing, you can expect to learn as much about them as you do about your own precious self. Come to council, Cancer. Learn from others. (EIGHT OF AIR)

LEO [inlinetweet prefix=”LEO” tweeter=”@Tarotscopes” suffix=”..more #tarot”]Dream big, sugar, but pick one this week. It’s all well and good to have a bucket list, but [/inlinetweet]it won’t do you any good if you don’t start checking some items off. Big ones too big? Fine. Tackle some of the small ones. You don’t know until you ask. And if you can, avoid the emotional dithering that may come this week. Don’t ask yourself what you want to do. Tell yourself. Then do it. (SEVEN OF CUPS)

VIRGO [inlinetweet prefix=”VIRGO” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #tarot”]Gather with friends to pool resources. You can do more when you are all working towards that [/inlinetweet]common goal, that greater good. Sharing the abundance is recommended. The best thing you can do this week is gather with those you love. Projects just go better when you bring in other hands, hearts and minds. (THREE OF EARTH)

LIBRA [inlinetweet prefix=”LIBRA” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #tarot”]Being the go-to person is what’s on your plate this week. Your role is compassionate nurturer rather [/inlinetweet]than critic. you’ve been working on something for a while now. Celebrate that your goal is closer than you think. Look back at the work you have done to get to this point in your life. Be as compassionate with yourself as you are with any injured animal. Heal your heart. (ELDER OF EARTH)

SCORPIO [inlinetweet prefix=”SCORPIO” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #tarot”]Scarcity thinking. Do you know what that is? Google it because it is going to be [/inlinetweet]very important to NOT go there this week. Understanding the abundance that is available will help you move from a “busting ass to get” mode of thinking to a “it’s already on the way” mode of thinking. How much easier is it to know what you want is coming? Yeah, let’s live that life this week instead. (FOUR OF EARTH)

Gaian Tarot Three of Air
Gaian Tarot

SAGITTARIUS [inlinetweet prefix=”SAGITTARIUS” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”…more #tarot”]Doing some work around emotional loss is going to be in the forefront of [/inlinetweet]everything you tackle. Don’t be surprised if an ex wants to mend fences. Not coming back as a lover, but renewing the friendship that founded the relationship. Good week to pull down some old journals. Healing our hearts means tackling our minds first. We have to change how we think about that person in order to move on. (THREE OF AIR)

CAPRICORN [inlinetweet prefix=”CAPRICORN” tweeter=”@tarotscopes” suffix=”… more #tarot”]What needs to be burned away? Who are you seeing when you look in the mirror? Can[/inlinetweet] you let go of other’s expectations of you? When you can, you will be ready to rise up like the phoenix from the ashes. That act of freeing yourself can help you reconnect with the passionate life. You must burn away what has gone. Those who no longer support you are not worth your time. Free your mind from wanting what will never return. (ELDER OF FIRE)

Remember to seek joy, y’all. Pass it on! I want to hear from you if you are ready to kick the negativity habit in the tender bits. Let’s get started today to create a plan for you that takes you from feeling alone to feeling alive.

Gaian Tarot, Joanna Powell Colbert

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Author: TarotByArwen

Arwen is the professional Joy Seeker. Her true calling is as a Professional Joy Seeker. She co-creates solutions with her clients to help them find their joy again. "Seek joy, y'all" is her motto. Her decks include The Fairy Tale Lenormand, Secrets of the Mystic Grove, Bianca Niero Tarot, the Elle Qui Oracle, and the Field Guide to Garden Dragons (all published by U.S. Games INC.). She is the author of 33 Days to Finish Your Book.

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