Tarot In Nine Words: Strength

rws_strengthIn my ongoing effort to write a poem for each of the major arcana, I have the Strength card in front of me. This is from the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot. Card 8 in this deck is the classic scene of the woman taming the lion. For me this is not an external struggle so much as an internal one. I see it as the external manifestation of our personal struggles with our own shadow selves.

This card is big for me right now as I am doing some personal shadow work. The second to last line came to me during some of this core examination. I realized that I needed to trust more. Sometimes fear holds me back from taking the next necessary step. I have to just trust that no matter what step I take…there will be ground.

So in your own struggles of internal and external examinations of self, I wish you trust and ground in all that you do.

Mountains Rose Lion Bend Infinity Crown Press Claws Belt

Tarot In Nine Words: Strength

Mountains dwarfed by this epic struggle
Cat’s claws unsheathed beastly fears
Infinity balances upon my crown
As I bend to press my will gently
Fighting my own inner desires
The lion like the rose represents
My fears My Desires My Weakness
My strength.

My armor is a simple garland
A belt of leaves of flowers
Growing things like myself
As each battle with this beast
My own heart My own will
Brings me another step forward
Trusting in this simple thing
There will always be ground
My strength.

Stephanie Arwen Lynch
July 3, 2009

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