TarotCopes for 11/16 – 11/22, 2014

TarotCopes for 11/16 – 11/22, 2014 What does yours say?

Gaian Tarot Guardian of Air
Gaian Tarot Guardian of Air
Gaian Tarot

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Hey y’all! Here are this week’s TarotCopes for you. Thanks for sharing them. I appreciate it. I used my beloved Gaian Tarot. Sadly the massmarket version has gone out of print but Joanna might have a few left of the limited edition.

Weekly reminder that I won’t be doing daily posts for the month of November. I’m doing NaNoWriMo using my eCourse. I’m happy to say I’m over twenty-six thousand words. I am sure I’ll make that magical 50k mark by 11/30.

CARD OF THE WEEK: CHILD OF WATER Reach out if you need to feel emotional connections. It’s a “give more/get more” week so stretch your heart.

AQUARIUS ACE OF EARTH Money success is coming. Continue nurturing your seeds. Don’t slack on that focus. It may be slow, but baby, it’s steady.

PISCES THREE OF WATER Good times ahead. Invitations to be playful abound. See to it that you accept some. Work/play bring you equal joys.

ARIES CHILD OF AIR Your imagination may need to tamed. With so many ideas, it’s hard to move forward. Pick one to stick with. Examine that one.

TAURUS EIGHT OF WATER That old crap? Those emotional wounds you are still licking? LET.IT.GO. You are drowning yourself by revisiting them. Move on.

GEMINI EXPLORER OF EARTH Look at what you have. Think about what you need. Add in what you want. Equation proves you can have it if you work for it.

CANCER FOUR OF AIR Good week to be a homebody. Clear out some of that unnecessary stuff. Have you LOOKED under the bathroom sink lately? 😀

LEO SIX OF FIRE Turn up the heat. You’ve been cold for too long. Gather good friends. Dance, drink, eat. Live for the beauty of being you.

VIRGO FIVE OF AIR Ideas can be communicated without fussing. Unfortunately others near you don’t GET that. Prepare for mental battle, darling.

LIBRA GUARDIAN OF AIR Wise is he who listens to the guides. Tune in your higher power to find peace. Meditation is a tool you need to use.

SCORPIO GAIA THE WORLD Expanding horizons are dead ahead. Look to friends to guide your way. Opportunity PERSISTS so take a swing.You’ll do fine.

SAGITTARIUS NINE OF WATER Oh honey! What you wish, you get so be careful. Your desires are potent magic right now. Stir that cauldron of want.

CAPRICORN EXPLORER OF AIR Expect others to challenge your boundaries. You can learn to move those fences. Your thoughts take you higher.

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  1. Good for you for your NaNoWriMo commitment and what’s sure to end in success. I appreciated your Aries note on imagination and focus. I can relate. Looking forward to seeing more of what you produce here when November ends and you have more writing time for other things.

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