TarotCopes for November 09-15, 2014

Have you checked out this week’s @Tarotscopes ? Tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine. TarotCopes for November 09-15, 2014 are here.

Welcome to your Tarot Copes for the week of November 09-15, 2014.

Dark Goddess Tarot
Dark Goddess Tarot

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Reminder: I’m not doing daily posts this month because I am doing NaNoWriMo. You can still join in the fun. It’s about developing a habit of writing. I’m using this to help me through.

CARD OF THE WEEK: TEN OF EARTH Community involvement recommended. No groups you like? Start one. This is also about enjoying what you have.

AQUARIUS SIX OF FIRE Victory is yours. Be generous to other competitors to be the true winner. Run your race for yourself to gain the most.

PISCES WITCH OF THE EARTH By paying tribute to what you need, you insure you can take care of the others. Your home must be your sanctuary this week.

ARIES SIX OF WATER Return to your roots to find what you need. Open up to lessons of the past if you would overcome. Old tapes should be turned off!

TAURUS HAG OF AIR Controlling your thoughts urgently important this week. DO NOT SPEAK YOUR MIND–not until you’ve listened to your heart.

GEMINI SEVEN OF AIR Be careful you don’t allow someone to take what is yours. Focus on staying quiet. Sharing ideas is okay but make sure you get credited.

CANCER HAG OF WATER You may be picking up other people’s pieces this week. Your knack for comforting is going to be needed by those you love.

LEO SEVEN OF EARTH Grounding–it’s what a body needs. Back to basics for you. Exercise, portion control–it’s not rocket science. Be good to you.

VIRGO FIVE OF EARTH Cupboard is not as bare as you think. Going to ground not a bad idea though. Some quiet “me” time might rejuvenate you.

LIBRA ACE OF EARTH Unexpected growth. Potential for $$ where you didn’t expect it. May be slower than you like, but watch for trends to follow.

SCORPIO SIREN OF WATER Examine what moves you emotionally. Call in those things that you love. Cull what/who isn’t working. Celebrate your beauty.

SAGITTARIUS FOUR OF FIRE Focus on your home. Do things that make your nest yours. Honoring ancestors by learning an old craft might be nice.

CAPRICORN FIVE OF WATER Grieving can tie you down–limit you. Letting them go gracefully is best. Some sorrows this week must be released.

This week’s deck is the evocative Dark Tarot Goddess by Ellen Lorenzi-Price.

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