Talking To The Dead

Arwen’s telling real-live ghosts stories, y’all. What’s yours?

Unknown Deck Shadow 11

Unknown Deck Shadow 11#affirmation It’s Samhain soon so let’s talk about ghosts, shall we? In my 30+ years of reading Tarot for others, I’ve had some wild experiences. At first I read the cards pretty strictly–by the book you might say. Grin! But then I had my first visit from the other side. I was reading on a 1-900 line back in the early 90’s. In the deep past, I turned up the Chariot reversed. This was when I still read with reversals. The feeling I got on this card was immediate. I felt cold prickles run up and down my arms. My shoulders and back were similarly afflicted.

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Then I told the woman this. “There was a car wreck. You lose someone important. It was in the mountains. He wants you to know it was his heart. He didn’t feel any pain from the wreck.”

The woman gasped then started to cry. I was appalled. I immediately apologized but she told me not to. Then she asked me to tell her more. At that point I had a memory of a man I’d never met. I described him to her as well as her own front room. He told me to tell her that she wasn’t to move the big pots by herself. My client began laughing through her tears.

She informed me that her husband had died in that car wreck. It had been on an Ozark highway. One of her fears had been how much pain he’d been in. She also told me that I described him perfectly right down to what he was wearing when he died. The big pots were her outside planters. She’d just been thinking that day about moving them in to avoid the cold that was coming.

I don’t remember much else about that reading other than knowing I’d had a very real contact from someone who was dead. It shook me to my core. I logged off for the night wondering if I ever wanted to pick up the cards again. I talked with my partner and some friends who all told me that I should read again. If I had brought the client comfort, then it couldn’t be a bad thing.

So I did keep reading. And I did have more (and still do) experiences where someone just shows up to deliver a message. Sometimes the messenger and message are so oblique, I think, “I’m making this shit up.” But then my client always confirms who it is.

What about you? Ever have a dream about a loved one who has passed? Did they bring you a message? Ever get a message for anyone else?

Samhain aka Hallowe’en is one of the times when the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest. Maybe now is a good time to write a letter to a lost love to let them know lessons you learned from them. Or perhaps a letter to clear the air with someone who has died might be helpful for you. Whatever you do, take some time to listen to the messages that may be coming to you.

Today’s affirmation:

I remember the past. I learn from the past. I look forward to the future. I live in this moment. My life is in my own hands. I am the director of my own fate. My shadow self and my light self are balanced and whole. Loved and loving, I love each of you.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Shadow, Unknown Deck (if you recognize it, please tell me)

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  1. I’ve had many visits from spirits. The one that still gets to me was my mom coming to me as she died telling me that it was my turn to be the matriarch of the family. I’m not much good at it and I really didn’t want the job as I was only in my early 50’s. Mom told me I was the same age as she was when her mom crossed over.
    I don’t think I’m doing a great job of it, but they all know where I am and can get hold of me if they need to.

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