Where’s Arwen? CONTEST!

I’ll be on Blogtalk Radio with Raven and George this coming Sunday.

I’m going to be talking about what I think a beginner needs to know about choosing a deck and how to get started with the Tarot. I will also be doing readings at the end of the hour.

You can join us on Sunday at 1pm EST. Call in or hang out in the chat room. I’ll stick around the chat afterwards to answer questions and maybe do a few readings as well.

Let’s do a promotional contest! You share this on your blog, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc. Then leave me the link here. I’ll put you in a contest for your choice of readings from me.

So the rules are:

1. One entry for each social media that you use.

2. You have to let me know here. I will not know otherwise.

3. You must post your social media post by no later than 8pm PST Saturday June 20.

In other news, Marilu Mann has a new novella coming out June 26th. Sweet Buns is a contemporary erotica guaranteed to leave you sweating. Learn more in the June 2009 newsletter.

8 thoughts on “Where’s Arwen? CONTEST!”

  1. I was on the show yesterday and I am unclear on the three bad habits that I have. I just stopped smoking three weeks ago and I had a drink last night. I dont drink very often anymore although I used to drink on a regualr basis. I would like to to know what the third habit could be. Also the lady that was telling me about the teas and things was a lady in a health food store. anyway I know it was not a long reading. I have never had a tarot reading before and I would like to know how much it will cost to get an more indepth reading. Like I said I know nothing about tarot reading or mediums and all of that. Infact I have been afraid of all of it most of my life I was told all of it was from the devil. But i figure there was some reason I came across that radio show especially since I had never been to the site of even knew it existed. So if you could please get back to me I will greatly appriciate it. Also would I have to call you to get this reading? I will be anxiously waiting to hear from you.

    1. Tanicka, I am so sorry it’s taken me a bit to get back to you. I would be happy to do an in-depth reading for you. Feel free to email me via this site! You can go up to the left where it says Personal Consultations for Personal Growth for more information.

  2. I was on the line waiting for a reading on TarotTalk. I wanted to know ”how can i become a better intuitive reader by tapping into my spiritua guides during the reading to clients?” I want them to feel more comfortable with my information that i give.

    1. Amenti, I am honored that you would ask this of me. Your answer comes from the World Spirit Tarot and is the Queen of Cups. You are already an intuitive woman who needs to learn to trust her self. You seek help where none is needed. Your guides are already communicating with you. You have to be still and trust what you already know. It is a very hard thing to learn because we are taught NOT to trust that “small still voice” of ourselves.

      Because of this card, I would recommend you get some water-related items to use for meditation. Something as simple as a seashell submerged in a bowl of water for you to focus on might be helpful! I hope you have found this useful. I am very sorry it was so late! 🙂

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