Skipping From A-Z

News Flash! Arwen admits to being wrong.

Yellow flower

Yellow flowerToday I go back in time. Not way, way back–but to just a little over two years ago. I was in Little Rock with my then beau. We were walking around the beautiful grounds at the Peabody Hotel. He took a picture of some tiny flowers.

In my head I thought, “Well that’s a delete…that camera can’t take good close-ups.”

As you can see from the picture, I was wrong. So it was a reminder that I need to wait for the outcome. I need to stop hurtling from A-Z without stopping for the experiences that come from start to finish.

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Today’s affirmation:

I experience life in each moment. I breathe in the here and the now of this moment. I feel my lungs fill up with breath and joy. I feel my lungs push out anticipation. I anticipate happiness. I embrace life. This moment of this day is perfect in every way. Loved and loving, I love each of you.

Seek joy, y’all!

Yellow Flowers, Poe, 2012

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