TarotsCopes for September 28 – October 4, 2014

TarotsCopes for September 28 – October 4, 2014

World Spirit Tarot Empress

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World Spirit Tarot Empress
World Spirit Tarot

CARD OF THE WEEK: SAGE OF CUPS Hold on to your emotional control. Don’t let others rock you. Time to be your own captain, darlings!

AQUARIUS NINE OF PENTACLES Success! Take a moment to compare you now to you five years ago. Count your blessings. You may need a bigger sheet of paper.

PISCES JUDGMENT Level up. This is about understanding how you’ve grown. Open up to your new place on this spiral of life.

ARIES MAGICIAN What can you do? Why anything you set your will to, that’s what. Unusual tools make themselves known this week. Use them.

TAURUS DEVIL Sometimes you have to give in to the temptations to relax. Physical pleasures are okay but do not overindulge. That’s a bad habit.

GEMINI SIX OF PENTACLES Generosity can transform a life. Reach out to others to help them see how they can expand their life.

CANCER SEEKER OF SWORDS Careful. The battles you choose this week could turn into epic wars–long ones. Try to be less ready to fight.

LEO FOUR OF PENTACLES Money may not be as available this week. That’s okay. You know how to make a budget and stick to it. Please do that.

VIRGO SEVEN OF CUPS Let yourself do a little daydreaming. Look to the future you want to have. Start making choices to get yourself there.

LIBRA TEN OF SWORDS When you feel at your lowest, look to your friends to help out. One person may be trying to undermine you. Avoid them.

SCORPIO SIX OF CUPS Old friends renew ties. Memories may bring pain, but look for the best parts to ease that.

SAGITTARIUS EMPRESS Creativity blossoms for you. Take up a new craft or go back to one that brought you joy. Sink into self-care this week.

CAPRICORN SIBYL OF WANDS So much needs to be done this week. You need to remember one word to survive. DELEGATE Hire a personal assistant!

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