TarotCopes for September 14-20, 2014

TarotCopes for September 14-20, 2014

Gaian Tarot The Teacher

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Gaian Tarot The Teacher
Gaian Tarot

Welcome to your TarotCopes for September 14-20, 2014. Last week is in the bag so it’s on to the next one. I’d love to hear from you about how your week went. Did your TarotCope help? I hope it did. Let’s see about this week, shall we?

CARD OF THE WEEK: THE TEACHER Lessons come in all flavors. Take all of them in. No skipping the icky ones. They’ll just be back. Let’s hunker down and learn.

AQUARIUS MOON Cycles happen. Trust your intuition but go deep into it first. Emotional upheavals threaten to drag you under. Avoid the undertow.

PISCES FOUR OF EARTH Put some aside.Save some for later. Don’t be stingy, but definitely put some back. Abundance thinking works for you.
ARIES SEVEN OF EARTH Grow, rest, grow, rest. Repeat. As hard as you work,
you need rest. The reverse is true. Don’t overwrite/overwork things.

TAURUS FIVE OF FIRE Things need to be expressed but you MUST be careful who hears. Temper does not serve you well so save the venting for friends.

GEMINI THE HIGH PRIESTESS Wisdom is available.You already learned this lesson. Why do you want to repeat it? Pain isn’t the only way to learn.

CANCER NINE OF WATER Make a wish. See it through. Write it down. Speak your truth every day to bring that wish to fruition. Big things possible!

LEO FOUR OF FIRE Find your place of power. Create your sacred space. Tell the Universe to “bring it.” You are ready for what’s coming. Good luck.

VIRGO NINE OF FIRE Where is your center? Where is your place of power? Finding that will be the key to peace. Align yourself to your greater good.

LIBRA ELDER OF EARTH Money and home need to be seen to closely. Pay attention to what needs to be done. Make sure you are doing it. Finances look good.

SCORPIO TWO OF EARTH Choice is yours. Happy/sad Peaceful/embroiled What will you choose? Don’t let others make that choice for you. Control.

SAGITTARIUS THE SUN Home, health, harmony. It’s in the bag this week. Celebrate the beauty of you. Let your inner child out to romp. You shine.

CAPRICORN FOUR OF AIR Rest, darling, rest. Let your mind have the week off from all the worry. Find serenity in quiet places. Let silence guide you.

Today’s deck? Gaian #Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert. My must have!

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