Moths, Skulls + Selfies

Check out the cool interpretation of the Magician card by @gardenskull. New selfie #tarot deck.

The Wooden Tarot Magician

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The Wooden Tarot Magician
The Wooden Tarot

So today’s card is from a brand new selfie deck. Selfie as in self-published–I amuse myself.

A.L. Swartz, aka @gardenskull, has created an intriguing deck. There are a few things that are holding me off from adoring it, but I’m working through them. I’ll do a full video review in a month or so.

One thing that I love? Moths.

It’s true. I am a fan of moths. The Luna moth, in particular, holds a very special place in my heart. I’ve seen one once when I was young. I was made to think that it was a very rare thing. Since I’ve only seen one other, I’ll have to hold on to that thought.

Swartz has chosen to use the Luna moth as his magician. With feathery antennae pointing up and the lower wings folded to point down, he’s captured that piece of the Magician nicely. The lemniscate is below in the form of a twining vine where you can also see a bit of binding holding the moth’s wings together.

There are enhanced eyes on the wings and if you look closely, you will see a second set of eyes hidden. A skull adorns the soft white fuzz as well.

This is, for me, a clever interpretation of the Magician. As above, so below is one of the phrases I need my Magician to evoke. This does that for me. It’s more the hidden eyes than anything else actually.

Which brings me to today’s affirmation:

Today I seek what’s hidden. Today the arcane paths open up to me. I step onto my path knowing I am protected. I invoke the elements to guard me as I proceed. Love and loving, I love each of you.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

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