Bitch, Please: Talking To The Star

Bitch, Please: Talking To The Star

Housewives Tarot Star

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Housewives Tarot Star
Housewives Tarot

#affirmation So I really love today’s card but I am not seeing it in the hopeful setting I normally see it. No, for some reason my first response was, “Oh bitch please…as if we could all do that every day.”

The Star is a card of hope, of goals reached, of aspirations achieved. Here we see a happy housewife whose cherry pie has won first prize.

But my reaction was so negative. LOL So what I want to talk about today is the idea of “keeping up with the Jones.” If you aren’t familiar with that statement, it means the idea that we have to do as well as, or better, than our neighbors.

What a recipe for disaster that is, right? Instead of baking our own out-of-this-world sour cream raisin pie, we set out to mimic the cherry pie winner. We leave our creativity sacrificed on the doorstep of “one better.”

I vote for more pies of all different flavors–and cakes, cookies, cupcakes…ahem. My blood sugar may be dropping. Sorry.

So here’s today’s affirmation based on the Star from the Housewives Tarot (Quirk Books):

Today I am my own star. I reach for my own goals. I focus on what I am best at. I strive to achieve quality in my own way. I set my expectations based on my own strengths. I judge me against myself. I’m my own best competition. Loved and loving, I love each of you.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on!

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