Unicorns, Rosaries + Time-Outs

Time-outs or time-pouts? Which do you indulge in?

Chrysalis Tarot Two of Scrolls

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Chrysalis Tarot Two of Scrolls
Chrysalis Tarot

#affirmation I know today is late and I apologize. 😀 It’s been a week today. You know what I mean? Where enough things have to get done that it should take a full week but you have to do them TODAY?

LOL! So that’s why this is late. And I pulled a card on my iPhone app for the Chrysalis Tarot. This deck is making some noise in the Tarot world. Folks either love it or are just not that into it. I’m one of the “love it” group.

Here we have the Two of Scrolls. I love that the scrolls are on top of one another with obvious stairs coming down. A flying unicorn, or is that a horned Pegasus, seems to be launching from the scrolls. Or is it trying to regain its balance?

For me, this card captures the indecision and the balance aspect of the twos of the Tarot. In this deck, Scrolls are Swords. Since this is the suit of Air, Scrolls are a perfect choice for me.

Decisions have to be made. Balance has to be maintained. Not as easy as it sounds some days. We need tools to maintain our equilibrium. Yoga, meditation, alcohol (no Arwen), exercise, all of those (most of those) help us get that equilibrium back.

I have a new tool coming to me. It is a rosary made by a dear friend. I’ll wait while you compute that.

Yes, a rosary.

It won’t be the Catholic version. Here’s a great article on the praying of the rosary: http://www.catholicity.com/prayer/rosary.html It will be my own version. I will share mine once I’ve finished it. I need the rosary so I can get to work on that.

I need to calm my mind. Yesterday I took a nap simply because my mind wouldn’t stop bouncing from thing to thing to thing. I needed to put myself in a time out. 😀 So I did!

Do you ever put yourself in time-outs? I’m hoping that with my rosary and meditation, I will have self-imposed time-outs every day. Not timed pouts–although I am sure that is what they were when I was three and put in a corner. ha!

Today’s affirmation:

My thoughts are focused. My intentions are well thought out. I am a child of the Universe. I am giving opportunities to seek joy and experience happiness. I am balanced and ready. Loved and loving, I love each of you. Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Two of Scrolls, Chrysalis Tarot, U.S. Games Systems Inc, 2014

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3 thoughts on “Unicorns, Rosaries + Time-Outs”

  1. I love my own time outs.Sometimes just doing nothing and letting my mind drift to happy places can be enough. I have some prayer beads myself too and I find them very helpful. Fiddling with them can also just be enough to feel relaxed and or focused
    Enjoy your new beads and this lovely layered deck

  2. I have my own Episcopal Rosary bead necklace that I made and use. Beads have been used in all religions in many different forms. I have several different types of prayers I use on mine including a Law of Attraction/Abundance one. I find praying to be much more beneficial than meditation, and recent studies have shown that deep prayer activates the same part of the brain in the same ways that meditation does, so there’s no need to sit in a corner and count your breaths, which is great news for me! 🙂

  3. I like to use rosary beads for meditating mantras, but for me meditating and prayer are very similar. I think you get in a similar mindset with either. I love my ‘me time’, and would be pretty grumpy without it! Love your affirmation too 🙂

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