TarotsCopes for August 24-30, 2014

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This has been a big week for me. From loved ones in the hospital to major upheavals at one of my jobs to the release of yet another book by my alter-ego, Marilu Mann.

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Let’s check out this week’s TarotsCopes, shall we? Yes, I think I will stick with Tarot Copes as a new name.

First, here’s a round-up of this past week’s post in case you missed them.

CARD OF THE WEEK: Five of Swords What squirms in your mind? What needs to be cut away? Releasing self-doubt is the key. Work on focus.

AQUARIUS EIGHT OF SWORDS Challenging? Yes, this week will be, but you have done the work. Unfold, blossom, spread your wings. You’ll be fine.

PISCES STRENGTH Remember the key to true success is to control your reactions. Thinking first is best. Breathing is better. Act don’t react.

ARIES FIVE OF WANDS Competition can improve you as long as you are competing against yourself first. The others are fun, but you are your biggest challenge.

TAURUS SON OF PENTACLES Money moves forward. Maybe slowly, but it is forward. Look where you were 6 months ago. Celebrate the steady measured growth.

GEMINI FOUR OF WANDS Stick close to home. Tackle that to-do list around the house. Time to celebrate in small ways so invite friends over.

CANCER HIEROPHANT Honey, if you are breaking your own rules, who’s really to blame? Rewrite what’s not working. Stick with what is working.WildUnknown_3cards

LEO FIVE OF PENTACLES Time to dehead fading roses. Let go of those who are sucking you dry. Focus on those who give back. Hard times pass.

VIRGO DAUGHTER OF WANDS Growth. Look to your personal passions for ways to bring meaning to your life. Get fired up and get started now.

LIBRA DEVIL Many temptations to do the wrong thing. Stay strong. Stay on track. Don’t let your base needs overrule your head. Just say no.

SCORPIO SON OF WANDS Rise up to meet the challenges. Face your fears head on to win. Movement and action are your key words. Get going.

SAGITTARIUS THREE OF SWORDS Thoughts of past hurts can take you down. Understand that it is over. It’s done. Betrayal hurts. Don’t wallow.

CAPRICORN SIX OF COINS Memories serve you well. Reflect on happiest time. Recreate them in the here and now? Sure you can. Family is the key.

Today’s deck? Wild Unknown Tarot is bringing me joy. Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

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  1. This was great! I shared it on Twitter. I tagged your name so you can find it. I don’t know how to do that link.

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