Magnets + Serial Monogamy

I’ve heard one person say they can’t read with it because the people are too familiar.

Six of Water, Gaian Tarot

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Gaian Tarot Ace of Water
Gaian Tarot

Today’s challenge was about Tarot. I’m choosing to talk about one of my favorite Tarot decks. I don’t have one deck to rule them all as it were. That would have to be one damned riveting deck since I have close to three hundred decks.

I tell people I’m into serial monogamy when it comes to Tarot. Some past fave decks have been the Herbal Tarot, the World Spirit Tarot, the Fradella Adventure Tarot and the Tarot Of The Old Path.

Currently holding the lead position (which means it is my primary reading deck when I work with my clients) is the Gaian Tarot

This deck incorporates very real people and scenes. It translates the Rider Waite Smith icons into ones that many people can identify with. Joanna Powell Colbert’s deck infuses her passion for the Pacific Northwest with her unique vision and spirituality.

3-gardenerMake no mistake–this is a Goddess-influenced deck. I think it is a deck anyone can read but some are put off by the people. I’ve heard one person say they can’t read with it because the people are too familiar. I get that. But this deck works for me.

I personally own three mass market copies plus two of the limited edition. When I find a deck I love, I do that. I need to get back-up copies.

Now I am more than willing to read for a client with any deck they like. I did that this morning in fact. My client specifically asked me to read with the Wild Unknown. She has the deck so wanted to see it in use by a professional.

Gaian Tarot Sun
Gaian Tarot

What about you? Do you have one deck? More decks? What do you look for in a deck? What draws you to a Tarot or oracle deck?

Today’s affirmation:

What I need finds me. I am a magnet. I attract the right people at the right time. I embellish my world simply by smiling. I am filled with joy. Loved and loving, I love each of you. Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Gaian Tarot, Llewellyn

4 thoughts on “Magnets + Serial Monogamy”

  1. I must admit that I find decks with very life like faces slightly distracting… especially if they look like someone I actually know… But then it’s more a case of finding out what type of readings it’ll work well with rather than using it as a general go to deck… Out of your almost 300 decks have you ever found one to be unreadable? (no… please don’t name names! Just generally curious… )

  2. I’ve been monogamous to the good ol’ Rider-Waite for years. My brother gave me the Vertigo tarot deck (created by Dave McKean, the artist who used to work with Neal Gaiman on the Sandman comic books) and I worked with that until my dog ate them and then went back to Rider Waite. I’m intrigued by the Gaian Tarot!

  3. Hmmm, ‘what I need finds me.’ I am learning a lot about Tarot today including from this fascinating post. I guess this is something I was waiting to learn more about! Thank you.

  4. Great subject Arwen!
    I have this deck as an app from Foolsdog. The people was what put me off to buy a real deck but when I found the app I couldn’t resist buying it. My favorite deck is the Rider Waite in various versions. I’ve started my tarot journey with this deck which was gifted to me by my husband.This is the deck which always is straightforward with me. I can almost read it with my eyes closed 😀

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