TarotsCopes August 17-23, 2014

Yikes! #Zombies this week for my tarotscopes. Hold me. I’m scared.

Zombie Tarot

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Zombie Tarot
Zombie Tarot

Card Of The Week: DEVIL Tempted to do something you shouldn’t? DON’T. The danger lurking behind is greater than the risk. Play it safe this week.

AQUARIUS MAGICIAN Time to own your creativity. Time to believe in your tools. You can make things happen so get started. Stop dithering.

PISCES THREE OF WANDS Pay attention. Joining with others to make something bigger is a good idea.Waiting for them to come to you? Make your move first.

ARIES SEVEN OF HAZARDS Learn everything you can. Prosperity comes from using what you have. Rest is okay but work still has to be done.

TAURUS PAGE OF HAZARDS Job potentials are here. Keep it fresh. Play more. Loosen your grip on the rules if you want deserved recognition.

GEMINI ACE OF HAZARDS Time to make things happen. Money tight? Make a better budget. Need a job? Send out more resumes. Seize the moment!

CANCER JUDGMENT Actions bring unavoidable consequences. Payment comes due this week so grit your teeth + make it right. Learn from this.

LEO DEATH What changes must you make? What transitions are you stuck in? Shake loose. Break free. Painful? Sure but the payoff is huge!

VIRGO FOOL Time to step out of your comfort zone. You need to make those dreams happen by starting today. Smart risks pay off so do it.

LIBRA FIVE OF WANDS Stop letting competition destroy you. Break free of those who must always be better. Crawl if you must but get away.

SCORPIO EIGHT OF WANDS Why do you play the victim when you know you’re the winner? Stop playing into their hands by believing their meanness.

SAGITTARIUS FIVE OF HAZARDS Home is important. Never stop fighting for your place of peace. Struggles this week around home end with your desired outcome.

CAPRICORN FOUR OF HAZARDS Money is as easily made as it is spent. When you stop the flow one way, it stops the other too. Loosen up a bit.

Today’s deck? Zombie Tarot reminds me to double-tap + stay away from the mall! Get it before it gets you. 😀

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