Grubby Fingernails + Stained Knees

Is it shit or is it growth? I get confused.

Tarot of Trees

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Tarot of Trees
Tarot of Trees

#affirmation Here’s to growth. It ain’t easy. Some times it ain’t pretty. Often you turn up with grubby finger nails, stained knees and dirt on your face.

A lot of what I do on a personal level feels like shoveling shit. Surprised to hear me say that? Well, bear with me.

I am moody. I can be a bitch. I can snark with the best of them. My Scorpio moon says I can out snark most.

I don’t like that self. I like the self who is cheerful. Who laughs more than she cries. Who makes seeking joy a priority.

Even when I have to fight up from all the shit I pile on top of myself.

Shit: I am not joyful enough.
Shit: I am not skinny enough.
Shit: I am too angry.
Shit: I am too mean.

It’s all shit I shovel. And the target? Me myself and I.

But, like that donkey in that old joke, I have to keep shaking that shit off. I have to use it as material for growth. I have to burst forth stretching for the sky.

I have to grow. Grubby fingernails and all, I have to keep growing.

Today’s affirmation is:
I grow because I need to grow. I grow because I want to grow. I grow because it is the only alternative I can live with. Loved and loving, I love each of you. Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on!

Tarot of the Trees, Dana Driscoll, self-published

15 thoughts on “Grubby Fingernails + Stained Knees”

  1. I love this post! Growth means life to me. If I stop growing, I will start going backwards and it could get really bad. But growth, as you say, is not always pretty. It is often messy and sometimes it doesn’t feel good at all. Thank you so much for putting this into such eloquent words πŸ™‚

  2. Ain’t no pain like growing pains! Love this! That whole “too much/not enough” shit is the worst kind of shit! I hate that shit!

  3. Great post. We all have shit…no doubt about. Some try to show the outward appearance that they don’t or that theirs doesn’t stink πŸ˜‰ but that just isn’t the truth. We need to love ourselves and others…shit and all.

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