TarotsCopes for August 10-16 2014

TarotsCopes for August 10-16 2014

Fairy Tale Tarot
Fairy Tale Tarot
Fairy Tale Tarot

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Card Of The Week: TWO OF CUPS Engage in being social. Good wk to seek out loves, friends. Make new friends but keep the old. #earworm Reach out.

AQUARIUS PRINCE OF PENTACLES That project that looms? The one that daunts? Go for it. One step at a time. Trust yourself. Trust your ability. Trust.

PISCES PRINCESS OF SWORDS New ways of solving old problems reveal themselves. Obstacles are illusions. Focus your will. You can soar!

ARIES THREE OF PENTACLES Your work is stronger when shared. Contemplate a group effort. Reach out to like minds. The variety of tools wins.

TAURUS ACE OF SWORDS Life dull? Things foggy? Cut through it w/ a shiny NEW project. Dive into something that makes you excited and damn the rest.

GEMINI PRINCESS OF CUPS The love boat awaits but you need to love you first. Stay open to divine coincidence. Don’t deny love you already have.

CANCER TEMPTATION Don’t do it. No wait, Do it. Acknowledge the shadow self. Don’t deny it. Incorporate it by giving in to small temptations.

LEO THREE OF SWORDS Don’t give them your all. Hold back a bit for yourself. Not a great week for matters of the heart if you aren’t listening to yourself.

VIRGO JUSTICE Listen to the more experienced. Let their wisdom guide you away from bad decisions. Please obey the laws as they are laid out.

LIBRA TWO OF SWORDS Debates, mental tug-of-wars will ensue. Make sure you are not putting ego first. Listen to the other side. You could learn.

SCORPIO SIX OF PENTACLES Generosity saves the day. Connect your higher self w/ physical needs to get the most from this week. Say yes more.

SAGITTARIUS NINE OF CUPS Hope matters. Understand + acknowledge your current blessings to bring more. Gratitude lists will rock your world.Share joy.

CAPRICORN ACE OF CUPS Don’t look a gift love in the mouth. Stay open to what you want. Denying love denies fulfillment. Live more lovingly.

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