The Joy Challenge: Day Five

Wait. Day five of the joy challenge includes yelling at your mother???

Joy Mum White
Joy Mum White
Joy Mum

Day five is here. It’s a bit grey here in Texas, but OH the temperature. I haven’t seen 70 in the morning in ages. It’s bringing me a lot of joy right now.

Have you looked yourself in the mirror yet to say this, “I am a joy seeker. Joy finds me. I am a joy magnet.” ??

I did…sort of. I looked myself in my reflection in the laptop screen. Hey! That counts.

Tell me some little joys that have come to you. One of mine was a pair of house wrens on my back porch. One of them wanted to make a nest in the can holder on my camp chair. The other one was obviously not impressed. I laughed at their antics.


Oh! Today is Tarot Blog Hop day so the monthly Tarotscopes will be up tomorrow.

Oh SHUT UP Mom! is my discussion on the Queen of Pentacles. It includes an original spread.

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Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Joy Mum White, Stephanie Arwen Lynch-Poe, 2014

6 thoughts on “The Joy Challenge: Day Five”

  1. I love love love your tag line…Seek Joy Y’all. You can’t help but smile when you read that. My Joy today was my dog being happy to see me when I came home!

  2. Several joys: realizing that a specific Tarot card has been trying to tell me, an having an epiphany about it; Going out into the back yard right after a hard rain, just before dark, and seeing hundreds of fireflies rising up out of the grass, like sprites taking flight! And making the call to arrange for the final move from our old house, to our new house.

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