Tarotscopes July 27 – August 2, 2014

Tarotscopes July 27 – August 2, 2014

World Spirit Tarot Hanged Man

Welcome to this week’s Tarotscopes. I’m using the World Spirit Tarot (Llewellyn) for this week’s advice.

How was last week for you?

World Spirit Tarot Hanged Man
World Spirit Tarot

Card Of The Week: LEO SIBYL OF CUPS What dreams are calling to you? What songs do you need to sing. Good week for indulging in making yourself happy. Do it!

AQUARIUS HERMIT Why so busy? Have you given your brain down time? Make it so. Let studious quiet time soothe you this week. Dive into a book.
PISCES SEER OF WANDS Speed is needed. Fire things up. You will need to get something done fast. What have you been putting off? Get it done!
ARIES SEVEN OF CUPS Permission to indulge in daydreams as long as you write them down. Some amazing stories lurk in that brilliant brain.
TAURUS THREE OF PENTACLES Working with others gets you further. Collaboration brings a project into focus. Build your team wisely with like minds.
GEMINI SIX OF PENTACLES Give and take is the name of the game this week. Don’t be so selfish that you miss the joy of giving someone else happiness.
CANCER TEN OF WANDS Careful you don’t take on too much this week. You don’t have to save the world. You can say no. You can let someone else do it.
LEO MOON Time to listen to your gut. Stop worrying about which face you show. Both are you so both are necessary. Explore intuitive tugs.
VIRGO EMPEROR Don’t be surprised when they ask you to lead. Your tactical skills are in demand. This battle can be won by strengthening your boundaries.
LIBRA EMPRESS Creative channels should be deepened. Make time to explore compassion for your own wounds too. Maybe bake yourself a cake.
SCORPIO SIBYL OF WANDS If you want passion, make passion. Feed your fire. Stop burning for others. Burn for yourself first. Make you first.
SAGITTARIUS SIX OF SWORDS Time to move. Time to let go of past wounds. Time to focus on what lies ahead. Others will help you if you ask. Be happy.
CAPRICORN HANGED MAN Good week for personal reflection. Changing your view can change your perspective. Let go of the struggle for just a bit.

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