Tarotscopes for July 20-26, 2014

Starting my week off with advice from the stars. What does your @tarotscope say?

Gaian Tarot Explorer of Earth

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Gaian Tarot Eight of Fire
Gaian Tarot

Card Of The Week: TEN OF WATER Remember the cycles, y’all. Up, down, in, out–it all repeats. Learning to ride the waves brings success.

This week’s deck is the Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert. My must have! No, seriously! I have five copies.

AQUARIUS THREE OF FIRE Let them see your passion. Make them understand what drives you. Your fuel, your life. Don’t drink from their wells.
PISCES EIGHT OF FIRE Trip this week can help you reenergize. Put your excitement in the driver’s seat if you want to get buy-in for this project.
ARIES STAR Set some stretch goals. Lazy dreams don’t get you anywhere. Nudge that comfort zone aside, honey. Let your wings unfurl fully.
TAURUS GAIA THE WORLD Open your arms. Receive the gifts. Be generous in return. Friends stand ready to help. Please let them. #seekjoy
GEMINI ACE OF WATER Expand your love. Go deeper than before. Growth comes in the scary depths. Open up to the love offered. Use your heart.
CANCER ELDER OF WATER Stop worrying about the journey so much. Enjoy the stops, the dips, the bumps even. It will make for a better story.
LEO TWO OF AIR Got too much input? Shut down the outside world. Focus on your own inner guide. Take your own pulse of what’s important to you.
VIRGO EXPLORER OF EARTH Work goes better if you move forward. Stop digging in thos stubborn heels. Get involved with others to succeed.
LIBRA NINE OF FIRE Yes, you actually can do it all. Good week to meditate. It works better when you do it regularly. Bring passion in.
SCORPIO MOON Listen to your self. Take some time to slow it down. Re-examine self-illusions. Try to get clear on what’s self-deception.
SAGITTARIUS CANOE You must drive your own life. Stop letting others be anchors. Let them be distant shores–either coming or going. This is about you.
CAPRICORN TWO OF FIRE Time to dance. Time to move. Shake off those doubts. Reach out to light up someone else’s world. Partnership focus.

Gaian Tarot, Llewellyn Publishing

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