Tarotscopes for July 13-19, 2014

Tarotscopes for July 13-19, 2014

Steele Wizard Tarot

Card of the Week: 10 OF SWORDS suggests that we may all have to fight feelings of persecution. Standing up for what is right will save us.

Steele Wizard Tarot
Steele Wizard Tarot

This week’s deck is the Steele Wizard Tarot by Pamela Steele. She is presently working on a deck suitable for children too.

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AQUARIUS PAGE OF SWORDS New project potential. Open your mind to doing something fresh and young. Your thoughts should be focused on the new not the old.
PISCES EIGHT OF CUPS To move forward, you must leave the past. Stop drinking from stale cups of old sadness. Move to the joy. Move to the now.
ARIES HERMIT Who do you follow? Who follows you? Make sure you are putting forth the brightest light if you want the brightest seekers.
TAURUS NINE OF SWORDS Anxiety over what you can’t control is a waste of time. WASTE OF TIME. Learn to release what you can’t change. Live.
GEMINI EIGHT OF SWORDS Are you in a prison you created? Check your thought patterns. How can you rethink this? Move your thoughts to free yourself.
CANCER JUDGMENT Time to get serious about things. Focus on clearing the spiritual clutter. Let go of that which no longer serves. Cut anchors.
LEO FIVE OF SWORDS Careful please. Teaching them a lesson means you learn one too. Try a gentler approach. See if everyone can get away unscathed.
VIRGO KING OF SWORDS Mental readiness wins By keeping your thoughts clear and focused, you will be seen as a leader. Think yourself forward.
LIBRA MAGICIAN When you use all your tools, you create magic. Avant-garde methods may raise eyebrows, but the results will be worth it.
SCORPIO TOWER What goes up, must come down if you are not building it correctly. Self-deceits are the worst. Get honest or pay the price.
SAGITTARIUS MAIDEN OF SWORDS Something needs a fresh approach. Maybe a new set of eyes. Get creative. Be innovative. The silly monkey wins.
CAPRICORN HANGED MAN Work needs you. Home needs you. Give each time but don’t forget some time out for yourself. Meditate. Yoga. Quiet.

Steele Wizard Tarot featured.

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