World Tarot Day

See here for the 2010 World Tarot Day post!

World Tarot Day is today. This was started by DenElder in order to “promote the use of the Tarot tool across all human made borders, be they political boundaries, misunderstandings of the mind, or ignorance of the tool itself, for the benefit and growth of the Spiritual Self.” I first participated in 2006 I think but I’ve been wrong before.

fradella_starThe motto of this day is “The Light you seek can be found in your own lantern.”© To me that is an awful lot like a saying I learned many moons ago:

And you who seek to know me,
know that the seeking and yearning
will avail you not,
unless you know the Mystery:
for if that which you seek,
you find not within yourself,
you will never find it without.

Which is from the Charge of the Goddess by Doreen Valiente (and Gerald Gardner). As a Wiccan priestess, I know this to be true and I also know it to be one of the hardest things in the world to keep after. It is also in keeping with the Hermit card. But what about another card that is about seeking light? More than that, this other card is about sharing that light.

I am talking about the Star. Every reader seems to have a few cards that will sell them on a deck. For me, one of those cards is the Star. It has to speak to me on a molecular level for me to consider the deck as anything more than 78 pieces of art. :



This emphasis, for me, on higher education plays into the World Tarot Day’s dedication which states:

Dedicated to : every person who has, does, or will recognize Tarot as a valuable self-help tool.star_mythic

That is because I see education as one of the best self-help tools available to any of us. To that end, in honor of World Tarot Day, I am offering this spread. I will do this spread for at least one of you who leaves a meaningful comment. (“Way to go, Arwen”, “Come to my Casino” and offers to grow any part of my anatomy larger are not meaningful comments. GRIN!). If you do not want to be in the running for a reading, opt out in the comment.

Shining The Light

  1. What area do I need to shine more light into?
  2. Who  or what can I learn from about this area?
  3. What area can I share more light from?
  4. Who or what can I share more with about this area?
  5. What light am I hiding?


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12 thoughts on “World Tarot Day”

  1. I associate the Star card with this one experience.
    In 2005, I was planning to go back to school to teach chemistry to high schoolers. I had a masters in chemistry but wanted a degree in education. I was mortified to learn that to gain admission to this school I would have to go through a group interview (with 15-20 applicants and about 3-4 professors). I pulled up my tarot deck (I had just purchased my first tarot deck about 3-4 months earlier) and asked how I was going to perform in the interview. I got the “Star” card. I read the card literally. Of course, I was not going to be the STAR. Only a megalomaniac would think like that. So I put the card in and shuffled and pulled another card. A STAR again. That was spooky but it was spooky enough to make me believe it.
    A few hours later at the interview, I was in my element. I shared my life and teaching experiences in a way I had never done before. It was witty, humorous and authentic. It was almost as if I was reading from a script written by someone who knew me better than I knew myself. At the end of the interview, several of the other applicants told me that I said several things that day that they felt but couldn’t articulate it. One of the professors told me that I had the potential to become an excellent teacher.
    But what I will never forget is the feeling I had at the interview. I felt like a STAR. I felt that I was expressing my essence and shinning because of it!!

    aliceinwonderland´s last blog post..The Prince of Hearts

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a The Star card I haven’t liked. It too is one of my favorites and the images you chose for your blog are wonderful! The idea of Shining the Light certainly ties into previous discussions about joy! The idea of embracing that inner energy and allowing it to imbue our entire being and shine forth onto others is so powerfully effective. I think The Star card helps us to look inside ourselves and to identify those latent messages that are just waiting to surface and bubble forth with inspiration, hopefulness and a renewed sense of freedom.

    Lisa Hunt´s last blog post..Cinderella-like Stories ~ and a school assignment that helped capture my son’s imagination.

  3. I purchased a new tarot deck to give the characters in my story new pastures to tread. Because I love Old Path Tarot I thought I’d give the Tarot of the Northern Shadows a try. The deck inspired by The Mabinogion and Celtic and Norse myths has some nifty artwork, and the pictures really do tell a tale, but initially, the Star card didn’t quite rock my boat.

    On closer inspection I see the white aura radiating from the Goddess is perhaps the spiritual illumination and guidance suggested in the book. While the vibrant David-like star has the spiritual” elements of Fire (red), Air (yellow) and Water (blue) and its inner, white, six-sided star has the guiding light.

    And another meaning from the book is Immortality – and those yummy gold apples play a big part in Norse mythology, for they’re believed to grant immortal life to the Gods- and are a source of immortality and perpetual youth.

    The LWB also speaks of Faith, Hope and understanding and the potential to have hopes fulfilled (it appeared in the Call to adventure so my characters will love this)

    The card also suggests a Truth unveiling, so I take this to mean the Light I sought really was in my own lantern all along.

    You’re a Star, Arwen.

    Pam´s last blog post..Excitement is in the air

  4. I enjoyed this. I particularly enjoyed the image of the Mythic Star, with Pandora looking beyond the escaping evils to the warmth.

    As World Tarot Day and World Towel Day, honouring the death of Douglas Adams, creator of the Hitchhiker’s Guide series, fall on the same day, I celebrated them together, along with a few other people.

    The celebrations started a good month or so earlier , culminating in an appropriate spread to use for such a wonderful double-celebration, , and concluding with the actual readings carried out on World Tarot Day .

    I think I’m going to take my towel and my Tarot deck out in public every year – it’s been such fun.

  5. Hi Arwen 😉

    The card that sells a Tarot deck to me is XIII Death. I can usually tell from that card whether the rest of the deck will suit my style. I like to have a nice Death 😉

    For me, The Star shows that if we can raise our gaze from the hard lonely road in front of us to the heavens above us, greater forces than our selves can give us comfort, guidance and hope.

    Yes, we go within to find our own source of light, but we can also help others find their way – for me that’s what The Star in The Hermit’s lantern is all about.

    She gives others on the path hope and guidance so that we too can find our answers. The Hermit is willing to share and to show us and, in Tarot, I believe that kinship and sharing what we have in common must ultimately be more fruitful.

    Ali xxx

    I think it might have been Jane Austen who said: ‘ What are we here for if not to make life a little easier for each other?’

    1. Great answer! Death, eh? I do like to see what the artist has done for death. One of my fave deaths is the dapper tap dancing Death of the World Spirit Tarot. Psst, you left this comment on last year’s WTD post. 🙂

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