Tarotscopes for the week of June 29-July 5, 2014

Shhh, I’m reading Arwen’s weekly predictions. Have you read yours?

The Gorgon's Tarot

Welcome to your Tarotscopes for the week of June 29-July 5, 2014. Love them? Want your friends to see them? You can use the sharing buttons at the bottom and thank you so much for doing so!

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Card Of The Week: 8 of Wands indicates being aware of your choices. Don’t blame others for consequences based on what you do, dears.

I used Schiffer Publishing’s The Gorgon’s Tarot by Dolores Fitchie. This is a large round deck that features black and white images with hints of red here and there. It’s a striking deck.

The Gorgon's Tarot
The Gorgon’s Tarot


  • AQUARIUS THE TOWER Careful, darlings. Something you cherish may come tumbling down. Be aware of what you are building on and with. Sand?
  • PISCES STRENGTH Lock your focus. Eschew distraction. Your will makes this work. Ignore the naysayers. You’ve so got this, fishies! Make it happen.
  • ARIES KING OF PENTACLES Um, who’s in charge of you, dear? Check the mirror for the answer. Manage your own world before taking on others.
  • TAURUS QUEEN OF PENTACLES Focus on nurturing you. Take care of those nagging physical needs. Time to relax is not indulgent. It’s necessary.
  • GEMINI THE HERMIT Share your knowledge with those who want to learn. Remove yourself from those who don’t. You can guide from afar. It’s okay.
  • CANCER ACE OF SWORDS Mental pursuits may be interrupted. Carve out time to honor your thinking space. You need to let that mine wander a bit.
  • LEO TEN OF WANDS Has your to-do list gotten out of hand? Do you have an elephant to eat now? One bite at a time. Also? Learn to say no. 😀
  • VIRGO FOUR OF CUPS Contemplating emotional isolation is all well and good. Still you might consider calling a friend up. Make a date! Do something.
  • LIBRA JUDGMENT A good time to examine spiritual/philosophical goals. The next level is here. Are you ready to rise up? Start climbing.
  • SCORPIO THE EMPRESS Paint. Write. Sculpt. Put your creative juices to work. Overflowing with idea this week. Make some of the happen.
  • SAGITTARIUS THE MOON Some of that light may be misleading. Please take a moment to reevaluate major decisions. Look under the rocks too.
  • CAPRICORN THE HIEROPHANT Spiritual pursuits lead you into the past. Explore your personal boundaries/rules. Break/change/reinforce. It’s up to you.

I hope you will join me for daily affirmations and musings as well.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on!


2 thoughts on “Tarotscopes for the week of June 29-July 5, 2014”

  1. Taurus. MANY changes going on in my life, overwhelmed for the most part and fully aware that I am where I am because of choices I have made. Today I am leaving to spend a week with my mom, brothers, kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, aunt & uncle, and cousin in Kentucky without the spouse. Much needed break, much needed space. Much love, Arwen. Have a blessed week!

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