Journeys, Books & Ships

I can escape into so many places, so many worlds.

Gilded Lenormand Ship
Gilded Lenormand Ship
Gilded Lenormand

So where do you want to go? What journeys call to you? Are they distant horizons? Inspiring vistas? Local haunts? What places do you dream of going?

I am a true Pisces in that I long to go and hate to leave. I push for the outer waves while clinging to the rocky shores. I’ve learned that I can feed my need to see, to go, to be by reading. [Tweet “I can escape into so many places, so many worlds.”]

As a little girl I used to read the L. Frank Baum (or is it Frank L.?) Oz series. I read them all from the Wizard in Oz to TickTock of Oz and more. I thought of Button and her hen as my own best friends. The patchwork girl too.

That journeying has never stopped. Now I have more control over those journeys because I can write them as well. The idea of linking noun to verb to create a sentence thrilled me from the get-go. Who knew you could have that kind of power just from words on paper?

So what about you? What books carried you away? What movies entranced you? What mystical, magical places did you journey to? i want to know.

Today I journey where I like. I wander old familiar places. I set my heart down unknown paths. I explore the inner and outer worlds. I am a joy-seeking traveler. I find wonder where I wander. Loved and loving, I love each of you. Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Ship, Gilded Reverie Lenormand, U.S. Games Systems Inc


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2 thoughts on “Journeys, Books & Ships”

  1. What a great subject. Since I was six years old and learned how to read I traveled to numerous strange and unfamiliar places. I remember being able to decipher Robinson Crusoe. and from this story my journey continued to the Tarzan series and after that more complicated novels; from fantasy to thrillers and from science fiction to literature.and back again OMG I wouldn’t be a whole person without my books!!:D

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