Tarotscopes for June 22-28. 2014

Waking The Wild Spirit

Here are this week’s Tarotscopes for June 22-28. 2014.

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Waking The Wild Spirit
Waking The Wild Spirit

Card of the Week: Fool Wander where you will. Risk being brave. Open up to the opportunity of living life for the sake of YOU! #tarot

  • AQUARIUS SIX OF EARTH physical clarity comes when you join w others. Spiral in, spiral out. Share your creativity with others. Be enriched by them.
  • PISCES ACE OF FIRE Sparks fly. Fires start. You must engage your heart this week. Don’t hold back. Make things happen, fishies. Your energy sparkles.
  • ARIES SEVEN OF WATER Listen to the dreamers. Accept the gifts. Take what is offered. Drink deeply of yr own desires. Magic is happening. Ready or not.
  • TAURUS HANGED MAN (SILENCE) SHHHH. Silence is not just golden. It’s necessary. Stop listening to all the naysayers. Gather your thoughts. Make your lists.
  • GEMINI KING OF AIR Negotiating will carry you further than ordering. Try talking it out before it comes to final goodbyes. Words cannot be unspoken.
  • CANCER STAR (THE SOURCE) Look up to find your source. Reconnect with goals, dreams and fellow dreamers. Reach this goal then set two more. Dream on, dreamer.
  • LEO TEN OF SWORDS What good comes of hovering? Let go. Release them so you can be released. You can’t fly any higher with that anchor of worry.
  • VIRGO FOUR OF EARTH What are you growing? Where is your energy focused? Water comes from a hose but where is it pointed? Weeds? Useful? Your choice.
  • LIBRA PAGE OF WATER Stop dreaming. Star doing. Future is happening NOW. You waste time dithering. Make a choice. Stick with it. Be here now. Fully.
  • SCORPIO ACE OF AIR You create your own reality. Give energy to dreams over fears. Either can win. You are the captain so guide the danged ship.
  • SAGITTARIUS FIVE OF EARTH Worry too much about the fire and you may not have anything in the pot. Creativity is awesome but concrete plans are needed now.
  • CAPRICORN HERMIT Good week to pull back a bit. Take care of niggling health issues. Get back to your exercise and vitamins. Mental quiet needed.

I appreciate your comments and social media shares! Have a great week and remember! Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

This week’s deck is the amazing Waking The Wild Spirit by Poppy Palin (2002).

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