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Welcome to the Solstice 2014 Tarot Blog Hop.

What’s a Blog Hop? Well, it’s when several bloggers (in our case twenty-one) all connect to one another to create a chain. Every six weeks, one of us takes on the role of wrangler. Their job is to give us a topic.

Our wrangler is Olivia from First Earth Tarot. I love love love her topic because it is simply joy. Yep, joy. Y’all know I love that message.

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zentangle_seekjoyAffirmations. It was the first word out of my mouth. I do affirmations nearly every day on my Facebook page. I do them for me because it helps me stay on track with what I do.

I am a professional joy seeker. I take that very seriously. You might even say that I hold it as a sacred geas I’ve put upon myself.

So what do you do with affirmations? I find that they work best when I read them out loud several times during the day.

ZentangleTherapyJoyOne way I come up with my daily affirmations is to randomly draw a Tarot card. Then I use that message to craft my affirmation. A key to creating an affirmation is to word it in the present tense. You want to foster the energy of it already being here.

Another thing is to avoid the negative. So rather than “I will not smack the people who make me angry” you would perhaps phrase it “I am stronger than those who annoy me.”

So try if you like. Pull a card then write your affirmation. Share it below. Here’s mine including the card I pulled.

WakingTheWildSpirit_1AirToday I am a joy seeker. Today I am a joy magnet. Today joy covers me. I open my arms, my heart, my mind to the beauty of living a joyful life. Loved and loving, I love each of you. Seek joy, y’all.

Quotangle, Arwen Lynch, 2013

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Zentangles by Stephanie Arwen Lynch-Poe

Card featured: Ace of Air from the Waking The Wild Spirit Tarot (OOP)

14 thoughts on “TarotBlogHop: Joy & Solstice”

  1. I love this practice, Arwen. I’ve never really done affirmations, but I think it can be such a powerful tool for bringing light (and joy) into our lives. I will try this…!

  2. I love your affirmations – your ‘bloom where you are planted’ really struck a chord with me and I had it added to a bracelet that was being made for me. So your affirmations bring me joy too! <3

  3. Thanks for giving me food for thought, Arwen, as you usually do 🙂
    Today, I pulled The Wheel and my affirmation is: Today I will accept change as it comes and go with the flow.

    And do you know, I did and have 😀

    Cheers babe!

  4. Had to laugh at “I will not smack people who make me angry”! Beautiful affirmations you crafted from that lovely Ace of Air. Made me think: Today, I open to discovering new joys 😀

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