Tarotscopes for the week of June 8-14, 2014

Tarotscopes for the week of June 8-14, 2014

Gaian Tarot Ten of Air

Gaian Tarot Ten of AirCard for the week: 10 of AIR Time to evaluate where and how you want to lead Don’t be a doormat or a “yes I can do that” mat either!

AQUARIUS SIX OF FIRE You win. Whatever it is, you win. As long as you focus on what you need, want, desire. Make it about you this week.

PISCES EIGHT OF AIR Find those who you respect. Go to them for advice. Sit down in counsel. Good time to share/write/listen/learn.

ARIES FIVE OF AIR Squabbles? Disagreements? Stop fighting with yourself. This non-stop internal criticizing has to be exhausting. Why do it?

TAURUS EXPLORER OF WATER Something has your heart engaged. Follow it. Roll with it. Let it take you places Go on! Dream a little/a lot!

GEMINI TWO OF EARTH Sometimes you have to pay attention to the cranky baby. Who is squeaking the loudest? Fix that wobbly wheel please.

CANCER CHILD OF FIRE Let your curiosity guide you. Explore strange new worlds, Captain. Meet new people. Time to liven your world up by living.

LEO EIGHT OF FIRE Where are you heading? Don’t know? Pack your bags and pick a direction. Good week to get gone for a while. Explore.

VIRGO GUARDIAN OF AIR Time to face facts. Stop hiding from reality. Emotional pain can be soothed by understanding how and why. Dig deeper.

LIBRA STRENGTH Mind your stubborness, dear Scales. Balance is out of whack when your desires overwhelm you. Rein it in. Control it.

SCORPIO GUARDIAN OF WATER Sometimes you can only rule your emotions by letting them out. Guide yes. Squash no. Time to grieve is now. Let it go.

SAGITTARIUS CHILD OF AIR Lessons aren’t lessons until they are learned. Do you really want to keep repeating this one? PAY ATTENTION. sigh.

CAPRICORN CHILD OF EARTH Excellent time to start a new exercise. Make it something that gets you outside. Your soul is best fed there.

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