TarotBlogHop: May Day 2014–Dance of Opposites

Hello Goodbye Spread


The Union of Opposites as represented by the Lovers is our Tarot Blog Hop topic. You can thank Aisling for this one. She’s our mastermind this go round. If you are a fan of the Tarot Blog Hop, you can keep up with us by clicking here and liking the Facebook fan page. This will be a place where you can chat about posts you’ve seen on the blog and get updates as to when the next hop is. If you want to participate in the hop, click here to join the actual working group.

In the call to blog, Aisling offered an interpretaion of the Lovers as follows:

“”The Lovers”, philosophically, can represent “the Union of Opposites”. When this card falls in a reading, as many of you probably know, it doesn’t always signify a love relationship, but may indicate a wider scope of combining dissimilar things to produce a positive result. Not all opposites are bad things, and sometimes both entities are necessary to produce a whole; think of male and female, night and day, giving and receiving, listening and speaking, acting and waiting to act, and many other places where the Union of Opposites produces the whole….”

I don’t usually see the Lovers as a relationship with another but with yourself. And think about the dissimilar bits of each of us. How often to you feel pulled this way and that way by nothing more than your own thoughts? How can we begin to understand that person on the other side of the mirror when we can be our very own Beatles song?

So that brings me to a spread I created for this Tarot Blog Hop. I’m calling it the Hello You, Goodbye Me spread. It is a way for us to dive into how we can acknowledge what our own needs are–even when they seem to be in opposition.

Hello You, Goodbye Me Spread

  • Card One: What makes us want to say goodbye
  • Card Two: What makes us want to say hello
  • Card Three: How can we hold space for both needs and honor both sides?

Placement is Goodbye to the left, Hello to the right and Holding Space above both.

Hello Goodbye Spread
Hello Goodbye Spread

Using the Badgers Forest Tarot by Nakisha VanderHoeven I pulled the following cards.

Goodbye: Strength shows up to remind me that maybe it’s time to bid farewell to my need to “do it my ownself” all the time.
Hello: Two of Foxes (Cups) shows one fox moving towards the other. This is an interesting card since it is the card I see as a relationship card. Here we have saying hello to being part of a couple.
Holding space: is the Seven of Foxes which shows a fox sitting at a crossroads.

Obviously this says that for me to hold on to my independence while still building my life as a married woman, I must allow myself to dream. Emotional choices will have to be made, but both roads can remain open to me. Seems that both the path of independence and the one of relationships can be viable choices. Perhaps it is saying that one isn’t to outweigh the other but that I am to learn how to balance them.

I hope you will try this simple spread and let me know your results.

[Tweet “Happy Beltaine! It’s International Jump A Balefire And Have Sex In The Woods Day!”]

Well not really, but it would be nice, wouldn’t it?

It is May 1st so here is the link to your monthly Tarotscopes podcast. I used the Badgers Forest Tarot for this podcast too.

As always, seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

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8 thoughts on “TarotBlogHop: May Day 2014–Dance of Opposites”

  1. Ha! the sex in the woods part made me almost lose my coffee girly! ๐Ÿ™‚ Loving your blog, so much to look at. What a creative spread you have created. I will have to give it a try later. Blessed Beltane!

  2. Lovely spread. I like how you’ve taken the lyrics of Hello Goodbye as inspiration for this spread, In short:
    Hello: Knight of coins: being more practical
    Goodbye Nine of Swords: letting go of anxiety
    Holding space: Six of coins: sharing of resources and thoughts

  3. I like the ‘hello/goodbye’ idea…I’ve been working with this myself as it happens so your post and spread are very timely! Thanks.

  4. Yes, the sex-in-the-woods part of that quotable brought back some, well, interesting memories. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    So, the spread. Wonderful! For me I got the 2 of Cups as my good-bye, which is interesting. In my case maybe meaning not to look for new partnerships to keep things going but rely on self. And say hello to success in the 6 of Wands, which does show a young man getting all the attention (Robin Wood deck). The 6 of Swords holds it together. Again, a card of by-yourself stuff, and more importantly, rest, which is very much needed in my case. All is well, and don’t worry about the connections with others, it will all come together. Thanks!

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