Tarotscopes April 27-May 3, 2014

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So I’m pretty excited about this week, y’all. So much happening in my world. I’m plotting and planning a world revolution. Yes, I am. I’m on a mission and you are part of that. If you want to be a part of my Early Warning System…ahem…I mean my advanced notice, subscribe to the monthly newsletter. Then get ready to embrace the joy!

AQUARIUS CHILD OF FIRE Enjoy the passion. Embrace the joy. Time to dive into the bright, baby. Being playful will be your best tool this week.
PISCES ACE OF AIR Be beautiful. Spread your love. Show off your colors. Time to shed self-imposed cocoons. They can’t love you if you don’t let them.
ARIES LIGHTNING Hold on to your grannies, darling. It’s going to be a brilliantly fast week. Ideas come out of the blue. Write them down!
TAURUS THREE OF FIRE Embrace your beauty. Embrace your style. Open up your passion to embrace the world. Thrive, don’t just survive.
GEMINI AWAKENING Level up! You are at the precipice of something big. Rise up to meet this challenge. You will shine. Show us how it’s done.
CANCER MAGICIAN Make things happen. Don’t wait for someone else to do it. This is about your willingness to own your happiness. Create it.
LEO GAIA THE WORLD What a marvelous week awaits you. Start living it RIGHT NOW. This is about the right things falling into your lap.
VIRGO SEVEN OF WATER What choices are in front of you? Choose the one that fills you up emotionally. Drink deeply. May feel parched!
LIBRA EXPLORER OF EARTH You may be called to reexamine your community, your place in it. Don’t worry. This is to strengthen you. Find your spot.
SCORPIO THREE OF AIR Writing it out helps. Dealing with lingering hurt must be done if you truly want to grow. Elsa advises, “Let it go.”
SAGITTARIUS TWO OF AIR If you listen with your heart, all will be revealed. Engage emotional self to listen to what they need. Decisions must be made.
CAPRICORN THE CANOE Where are you heading? Stop. Course correct before you end up where you never wanted to be. Adjust now for best results.

Today’s deck was the Gaian Tarot.

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