Tarotscopes for April 6-12, 2014

Vanessa_1MagicianHey y’all! Here are your weekly Tarotscopes. Enjoy!

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AQUARIUS QUEEN OF SWORDS Powerful messages come when you rule your mind. Make sure you see facts and not emotions. Mental tasks need attention.
PISCES KING OF CUPS Avant-garde? Heart-led life? Secrets of the universe to share? Be your own weird fish. Swim where you are led. Joy!
ARIES SEVEN OF CUPS What do you dream of? What do you wake to? It’s okay to have both. Make a dream come true this week. It’s worth it.
TAURUS THE EMPRESS Your creative side needs time. Indulge in making what makes you happy. Let your stuff be most important this week.
GEMINI THREE OF SWORDS Careful you don’t betray someone’s heart. You need to navigate this mental tangle very carefully. Treachery comes back.
CANCER FOOL Stick your thumb out. Catch a ride to someplace else. Yearning to change scenes could be solved by painting a wall though.
LEO ACE OF CUPS Open up to romantic possibilities. You need to hold your cup OUT if you want it filled. Keeping it on the shelf? Not so much.
VIRGO SIX OF COINS Giving without feeling sucks you dry. Volunteering for the right reason enriches you. Balancing that fixes things.
LIBRA FIVE OF COINS Asking for help isn’t weak. Holding on to just enough for you isn’t selfish. Watch your mindset please. Negativity kills.
SCORPIO THE STAR Let yourself shine. Set your goals higher because you’ve got it this week. Others see you for the treasure you are. Glow!
SAGITTARIUS EIGHT OF CUPS It’s in the past. Leave it there. Move towards light and love this week. Stop holding on to all that old crap.
CAPRICORN THE MAGICIAN What will you make happen this week? Hang in there because you’ve got everything you need to create. Just have to start.

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